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The following Office 2019 is the latest version available. Even though it competes with the Office 365 version it allows you to benefit from the latest features.

Download Microsoft Office is not necessarily an easy manipulation since it is necessary to go through XML configuration files.

However, there are several versions of Office 2019 (Office 2019 Home & Business, Office 2019 Standard, and Office 2019 Pro Plus).

Installation can quickly become a headache for System Administrators.

Creating an office account, complicated installation, here is all the information to download and install your Office suite without the hassle and optimizing your bandwidth !

About Microsoft Office 2019

The Family office suite allows you to use Word, Excel, PowerPoint to benefit from more Outlook you must go on the Small Business version.

The so-called professional versions benefit from Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, depending on the Standard or Pro Plus version you can also have Access

Remember that there is a Office online version which is completely free.

Finally we offer you the complete list of all Iso Office (2019, 2016 and 2013):

Click here to download Office 2019

We offer the Family and Small Business version, these versions allow you to avoid downloading everything at each installation.

Indeed when buying the box version, it is necessaryCreate an account with Microsoft then download a small Kit to download ALL Office 2019

An Office 2019 license is required to fully use all the features!

Microsoft Office 2019 Professional Installation

The so-called professional versions have a different installation method. You must generate a configuration file in XML format.

The problem is that most of the time to install Office 2019 or Office 365 on the computer you have to download the content and then perform the installation.

It is possible to store the installation files in order to be able to create a Office 2019 offline installation kit but also an offline kit for Office 365

Step 1 – Creating the configuration XML file

To create your file Microsoft offers an online service accessible here:

Click on “create a configuration”

config office page

Thanks to this tool you can choose a lot of configuration here are some examples:

  • Automatic Activation
  • Pin software automatically
  • Modification of preferences for each tool like Word, Excel …
office 2019 setup
Here is an excerpt from the Office 2019 configuration system, you can choose the Office 365 version as well.

Below you have a lot of possible settings:

office 2019 configuration and applications
One configuration I like is the automatic opening of the Outlook profile;)

automatic outlook setting

Once your settings are made, you can click on “export the configuration”

export xml file

Step – 2 Online Download and Installation

Your config file is ready, you must now download a small “setup.exe” file that goes with it.

So we go download Office Deployment Toolkit (ODT)

ODT Direct Download

Once extracted you have a file setup and configuration files.

office deployment tool kit content

Place your configuration file and the file setup in a folder on C: (for example C: Office2019)

To install Microsoft Office 2019 professional we must run the following command in command prompt

  setup /configure nom-fichier-configuration.xml

Once the command is entered, your Microsoft Office software downloads and installs according to the preferences indicated in your configuration file.

Create an Office 2019 and Office 365 offline installation kit

The kit called offline allowsavoid downloading Microsoft Office each time you install. We will therefore download the entire application in a folder.

The goal being to drastically reduce bandwidth on your infrastructure.

This folder can be stored on a network share or copy paste it on each computer to perform a complete installation without the need for an internet connection.

Step 1 – Odt Kit

Let’s take the ODT kit downloaded previously, we will adapt the “template” configuration file to download the content of Office

Here is the list of applications available for Office 2019 :

  • ProPlus2019Volume
  • Standard2019Volume
  • ProjectPro2019Volume
  • ProjectStd2019Volume
  • VisioPro2019Volume
  • VisioStd2019Volume

For Microsoft Office 365 the product names (Product Id) are as follows:

  • O365ProPlusRetail
  • O365BusinessRetail

We must therefore edit the name of the version in the XML file.

Here is an example of my XML file for Office 2019 Standard in 32-bit version it is very simple since I only use it to download the source.

xml template office configuration 2019

Download Kit Office 2019 (xml file + setup)

Step 2 – Download Microsoft Office

Our kit is ready now we have to execute a command to start the download.

You need to launch the Windows command prompt and go to the folder where the two files are located.

For example C: office2019

cmd office 2019

setup.exe /download nom-fichier-configuration.xml

An Office folder will be created and download all the necessary content, unfortunately we do not see a progress bar so you have to wait until your command prompt redisplays the path to your folder.

downloaded office content

Now you can store the setup file, the xml configuration file AND the Office folder on a network share or USB key

Step – 3 Deploying Office

To perform the deployment, you must use a more complete XML configuration file. The simple configuration file is only used for the download part.

When deploying with sources stored locally, there is a parameter to modify, in particular the “source path”

SourcePath = “\ share office-folder “

You can modify it when creating the XML on the site

source path office
when creating the XML you can define the path to your local source. It can also be modified directly in the XML file.

The following command is used to execute the installation, it must be executed in the folder where setup.exe is located.

setup.exe /configure fichier-configuration.xml

You have the option of running the installation by storing the files in a shared folder. The command is then the following:

\chemin-reseausetup.exe /configure \chemin-reseaufichier-configuration.xml

GPO + Script Bonus

The office suite can be deployed using a script. Your script in .bat format must contain the installation command line.

Finally, you can deploy Office across the entire fleet or target workstations using a GPO. The GPO will execute your script in .bat when the station is started.

Installation Visio 2019 and Project 2019

The Microsoft configuration site also allows you to perform the download and installation of Visio 2019 and Project 2019.

For that you have to choose your version in the configuration tool and generate the XML file.

choice visio 2019 or Project 2019

The installation is done from the command line as for Office 365.

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