Download & Install Adblock Plus on Microsoft Edge

AdBlock Plus For Microsoft Edge is an ad blocker that installs as an extension for the Microsoft Edge browser. Adblock is used to block intrusive advertisements and banner ads. It is a free extension that once installed, it grafts to Edge and acts as an add-on by adding functions to the browser. This tutorial explains how to download and install the extension AdBlock Plus, on the Microsoft Edge internet browser.

AdBlock Plus For Microsoft Edge

Install Adblock Plus on Microsoft Edge

To install Adblock Plus on Microsoft Edge, follow our guide.

  • Start by downloading Adblock Plus on Microsoft Edge
  • You will be taken to the Adblock Plus page on the Microsoft Store
  • Click on the button Get

get adblock Plus for microsoft edge

  • A window in the form of PopUp appears.
  • Click Add extension to confirm the installation of Adblock

add adblock extension to edge

  • The installation of Adblock Plus will be done automatically.
  • The Adblock icon will be visible at the top right of the Microsoft Edge window

adblock plus installed on microsoft edge

  • To block all ads on Edge, click on the AdBlock icon.
  • Then click on the toothed wheel to access the Adblock configuration

configure adblock plus on microsoft edge

  • Clear the Allow acceptable ads check box.
  • You will have installed and configured Adblock Plus on Microsoft Edge

disable advertising on microsoft edge

Great, you’ve just installed AdBlock Plus on Edge and you’re blocking ads.

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