Download here the latest APK of Master Royale for Android

How to download the updated Master Royale APK

Do you want to try the best alternative to Clash Royale? If your answer is “Yes”, you are in the right place. Here we are going to show you step by step how to download the Master Royale APK, the Clash Royale mod that millions of people around the world are playing.

Of course, forget about all the Clash Royale strategies and tricks that you have learned, well in Master Royale things are very different, in what sense? Well here no need to play thousands of hours to improve the cards, or spend real money to buy coins, gems and chests, that is, You can have all your cards and towers to the maximum level in the blink of an eye!

Master Royale: equal to Clash Royale, but better in all aspects

If you’ve never downloaded a Clash Royale mod on your Android mobile, you most likely think that Master Royale is a cheap copy of the original game. The interesting thing is that it is the opposite, since it’s a modified version from head to toe, which manages to be 10 times better than the original title that we all know.

So that you know what we are talking about, nothing better than to mention some of the features that make Master Royale stand out:

  • Here the resources are unlimited– You can get thousands of coins and gems without spending real money.
  • The chests have thousands of cards: Being a Clash Royale mod, the creators of this version have decided to remove the silver and gold chests, so you will only find epic and legendary chests, which have thousands of coins and cards.
  • All online games give you prizes– You don’t need to win a battle to get a chest, the game, even if you lose, will give you chests for free.
  • Unlocking chests is not a problem– With unlimited resources, you can unlock all chests instantly, What? Using the gems that Master Royale gives you.
  • The level of your towers no longer matters: if you could never reach the maximum level in your defense towers in Clash Royale, here you can fulfill your dream. In this modified version you will start with the towers at level 13 (maximum level).

In short, by download the APK of Master Royale on your Android mobile, you can enjoy an alternative Clash Royale without any limitation, something that all fans of this game had longed for for a long time.

How to download the updated Mater Royale APK?

If you thought we weren’t going to show you how to download the latest version of Master Royale for AndroidWe want to tell you that you were very wrong. Next, we will explain step by step everything you have to do to be able to download Master Royale APK 2021 on your phone:

Official Maste Royale for Android

  • Open the browser that you use on your mobile (we recommend using Chrome for this tutorial).
  • Once opened, you must click on the search box.
  • There you should put the following web address (URL): “Masterroyale[punto]com” (as we show you in the picture).
  • The Official website of the game Master Royale. Within said website, you must click on the three small horizontal stripes which are located at the top right of the screen.

Download Master Royale for free

  • A small white menu will appear with various options. Within that menu, you must click on the option that says “Download”.
  • Therefore, you will have to click on the green button what does it say “Download Master Royale for Android”.
  • Click on the three lines again horizontal.
  • Click again on the option that says “Download”.

Download Master Royale APK updated

  • A new green button will be displayed that will have the following words “Download Master Royale Server From Mediafire.” When you have found said button, you must click on it.
  • The Master Royale website will take you to the download web page, which corresponds to Mediafire. There you will have to click on the blue button what does it say “Master-Royale-version-of-the-game.”
  • Finally, click on “Download” so that the Master Royale APK is saved in the internal storage of your phone.

It is important to clarify that this game cannot be installed using Google Play Store. Being a video game in APK format, It is necessary to install it outside of the Google app store. If you have never installed an APK on your mobile, don’t worry, follow this guide where we explain step by step how to install APK files on Android.

Can the APK of Master Royale damage your mobile?

Master Royale APK no virus

We know that installing APK applications can be very risky, as some of them contain viruses that would affect the correct performance of the phone. We take this issue very seriously, so we have carried out a series of tests so that you remain totally calm.

Using a tool that lets us know if an APK has a virus, We have analyzed a dozen Clash Royale mods. Of all those Master Royale that we have analyzed, we found the only one that did not have a virus, which one? The one we show you in the download tutorial.

That being said, if you download the latest version of Master Royale that we show you here, you will not have any problem when installing it, because the game is virus free.

Can hacked cards be used in Master Royale?

Master Royale Cards

This answer may disappoint you, but we must be honest. This version of Master Royale does not have any hacked cards (modified letters). In short, it is the same game as Clash Royale, but with hundreds of improvements that allow players to enjoy a title without any limitation.

In the same way, we recommend that you do not get depressed, because there is an alternative version that will allow you to play with hacked cards. Are you interested in trying that version? No problem, enter here and download the APK of Master Royale Infinity, Master Royale mod that includes hundreds of hacked cards.

Without much more to add on the subject, if this version does not work on your mobile, you can download the Chinese Clash Royale here. Of course, that version is missing several features that you will only find in the Master Royale official mod for Android.