Download Cartoon HD V3.0.3 APK — Download Stream Unlimited movies /TV shows for free

Download Cartoon HD apk is a free mobile application available for d iOS users. This application allows you to watch movies and TV shows on your mobiles. You can get closer to the top blockbuster easily through the cartoon HD.

It is a video streamline application which has a hidden treasure of thousands of exciting and entertaining videos in it. There are movies, shows, TV serials, and leading blockbusters. This app is free of cost and easily available for all mobile web users.

It must be considered why we have added this article here. The cartoon HD video streamline application is available for Apple users only and the Android user cannot access cartoon HD through the google play store. Therefore, we have added this article here so the interested customers can download it through this page easily.

Cartoon HD APK
Cartoon HD APK

Unlike other popular video streamline applications, like Netflix,  amazon prime and HBO GO, this application gives access to all the latest movies and trendy videos free of cost. It doesn’t even require a basic subscription amount.

The app was initially released at google web store as well but lately, it was removed due to the copyrights errors. Although it is a legal application and approved internationally, still the android users might face difficulty while downloading it from unknown sources Due to this discomfort we have tried to create ease for the web users to download cartoon HD applications conveniently. Being free of the coast and highly competitive for the costly clients of google, the google play store has also denied adding cartoon HD in the google play store.

What is the cartoon HD application?

This amazing application is capable of relieving the mind and reducing stress as it makes you enter a new world of videos and visuals. These videos play a very nice role in relieving the mind and reducing stress.

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This page has a brief and accurate guide about how to install cartoon HD application on Android devices. Stay in touch with this page. You can download the updates cartoon HD Android mobile application free of cost through the links mentioned below and enjoy the never-ending and fun-filled movies.

This is a very feasible application that has multiple embedded filters that include genre filters for example horror, comedy, action, etc. The application also has a new video option in its settings so you can view newer videos and movies in a separate place for the fastest approach. Also, the user can download a video for better fun and enjoyment.

Cartoon HD is a reliable, fast and user-friendly application. It is ad-free and allows you to watch thousands of free videos and movies without any hast.

Salient features of cartoon HD

Here are some remarkable features and properties of cartoon HD that you would like to see before downloading. These among many are the reason why you should choose cartoon HD android applications.

  • Thousands of watch hours and unlimited videos and movies.
  • Fully updated application with all newly released videos and movies.
  • Multiple video qualities available so you can choose your favorite.
  • Free of cost application as all movies and the subscription is free of cost.
  • The videos have subtitles in English so you may also watch non-English videos easily.
  • The movies and videos can also be downloaded so you can watch them offline as well.
  • Superfast downloading speed so the movies are downloaded with a couple of minutes.
  • Frequent features and mode updates for the application are available.
  • The application can also work in areas with lower internet access or slower data connection.
  • The movies and videos are available at resolutions of 360p, 480p, 720p and 1080p.
  • The application has a user-friendly interface that is very interactive and easy to use.
  • The application also shows the international business of every movie and its IMBD rankings. Other significant facts about the movies are also provided.
  • The application has its catalog which has all newly released and top trendy videos and movies. This can help you to get an idea od what to watch next.
  • The application has its own embedded filters that allow you to filter the search results for your favorite movies. A most common filter is the genre filter.
  • This application is the best and free alternative to the leading video streamline applications including Netflix, Amazon goes, Showbox, video prime, HBO GO ad other costly applications.
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HOW TO Install/Download cartoon HD Apk:

Getting to the main context of this article, we will now describe a simple and safe procedure to download cartoon HD application on your android phones.

Before starting to download we would like to provide a few basic information pieces about the cartoon HD application so you may get the idea if your device is compatible with cartoon HD or not.

  • Filename: cartoon HD mobile application
  • Application version: 0.3
  • Application size: 3 MB
  • Operating system requirements: Android 0 or later.

This side downloading process is very easy and simple. Just follow the steps described below to download the cartoon HD mobile application to your mobile phones and access it

There are two ways of downloading cartoon HD. We will discuss both of them.

Download Cartoon Hd Apk for PC :

For this method, you will need a PC and formatted USB cable. This method is a little longer and it is not preferred over. But this method is safer as the PC would detect any virus or other malicious software in the files so your phone and its data would be safe.

Step 1: download the cartoon HD application file to your PC using the following links and check if it opens or not.

Step 2: use a Stable and formatted USB cable to connect your phone with the PC.

Step 3: go to the device pop-up settings and enable the option labeled “MTP/Transfer files”.

Step 4: Transfer the cartoon HD files from your PC to your phone storage.

Step 5: Now you may disconnect your phone from the PC.

Step 6: go to the “file manager” in your phone and trace the path where your cartoon HD file is transferred.

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Step 7: go to the device settings and follow the path below.

Settings > device security > unknown sources > enable.

Step 8: you will find a file named “cartoon HD APK.apk”. Click on it and grant the permission that it asks for. your application will start downloading.

Step 9: Now open the application and follow the instructions shown on the screen to proceed.

[thrive_link color=’blue’ link=’’ target=’_self’ size=’medium’ align=’aligncenter’]DOWNLOAD CARTOON HD APK[/thrive_link]

Download Cartoon hd apk for phone:

Here is another way that is useable freely. No PC is required in this method. Follow the following steps to proceed.

Step 1: use the links below to download the cartoon HD application (apk) files on your device. Click on these links to start downloading.

Step 2: If your device had not installed any APK file previously, then you might be asked to enable the installation of APK files from unknown sources. For this, you will have to follow the path defined below.

Settings > device security > unknown sources > enable

If you miss this step, you might not succeed to install the application. If it is already enabled leave it as is, and proceed to the next step.

Step 3: Open the APK file you had installed.

Step 4: you will see an option called “install”, click on it and you will be asked to grant the permissions on various things. Click on the “agree” button to accept all permissions at once. Once you do this, the file will start downloading.

Step 5: Open the application and follow the on-screen instructions to proceed further.


This application is ideal for the movie lovers who are worried because of his busy lives and harsh policies of the other expensive video stream-line applications. This application can provide good leisure time and fun on weekends on the mobile phone.

Install the cartoon HD and Lights! Camera! Action!

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