Bitdefender test: our opinion on this premium antivirus (2022)

First antivirus on the market in terms of a number of users (with more than 500 million devices), Bitdefender is a world reference. In its sector, few are the competitors who come close to it. What are its strengths, and do they measure up to its weaknesses? This is what we are going to study together in this complete software test. We will also give you our opinion on Bitdefender and its service.

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A quality anti-virus

Let’s start this review page with Bitdefender’s core business: antivirus. This protects you against several major threats, starting as its name suggests, with malware. During our test, the antivirus alerted us to several serious security risks for our computer (the testbed machine was running Windows 10). Among them, we can cite the famous Trojan horses. The objective of these malicious viruses is to interfere in your PC in order to take control of it, without you being aware of it.

We were also able to test the quarantine of the antivirus. When Bitdefender recognizes a threat, it automatically isolates it to prevent it from colonizing your hardware. A test is then carried out to check if the danger is serious, all this in the background and without multiplying anxiety-provoking popups. In case of real danger, the user is warned. Bitdefender finally asks him for his opinion: should the virus be deleted, quarantined or ignored?

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If Bitdefender is the world leader in cybersecurity, it is because its service is excellent. If you’re looking for an antivirus on Windows, macOS, iOS or Android, this is a great choice. Its performance is impeccable and it is one of the most efficient on the market. Its price is also quite reasonable. In the end, the price-quality ratio is convincing.

Among the advantages of Bitdefender, there is also its Bitdefender Box global offer. It comes directly to your router and will therefore protect all devices that are connected to the network. This way, you won’t need to protect every device, one per year, that is connected to the internet in your home. This box is priced at 149.99 euros, and then it costs 99.99 euros every year.

Ransomware Defense

Difficult to carry out a test of Bitdefender without countering its barrier against ransomware. Under this original name hides actually much less funny viruses, which want to extract money from you. The process they use to do this is relatively simple. First, the virus stealthily installs itself on your PC or Mac.

Then, while you suspect nothing, it encrypts all your personal documents. Images, videos, text files, audio tracks… Nothing is left to chance. Without an antivirus like Bitdefender, then you end up with an unusable operating system. How does this usually end? You have two choices. First of all, the hacker behind this virus demands a ransom from you. If you pay, you get your data back (on paper, but that’s not always the case). But then you lost a lot of money.

Or you decide not to give in and test the hacker, like a bluff. If it is serious, your data is simply erased. For a company, such a risk can then chain not only heavy financial losses but also and above all an outburst of negative opinions from customers. For individuals, it is also a huge risk. Beyond professional data, you can lose all your personal data (which has a much stronger sentimental value). But with an antivirus like Bitdefender, you have nothing to worry about.


The third step to form an opinion on Bitdefender antivirus is to test the protection against phishing. Let’s start with a quick definition of this somewhat technical term, unearthed on Wikipedia:

“ Phishing or phishing is a technique used by fraudsters to obtain personal information ”.

So far, nothing dangerous you will tell me; social networks like Facebook or Twitter also try to find out more about you. Except that here, the intentions are not the same. What targets Bitdefender’s anti-phishing are websites that impersonate others. Imagine finding yourself on the site of your online bank, filling in your bank details… then realizing that this web page was only a decoy!

Unfortunately, this happens more often than you might think. Fortunately, with Bitdefender antivirus, this risk is avoided with a permanent test of each link visited. But without slowing down your browser: a real plus, which unfortunately is not found in all the other antiviruses on the market (read our comparison). You therefore have secure internet browsing, both on computer and on mobile.

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Three types of analyzes

If you want to run a manual threat scan, you can also do so using the Scan feature of Bitdefender antivirus. By default, however, we advise you to launch automatic scans which will come regularly to monitor what is happening on your machine. During our test, we noticed 3 useful options on this side:

  • programmed analysis : allows you to study the contents of your disk in your absence.
  • targeted analysis : to only touch a certain part of your storage space.
  • fault analysis : indicates any security breaches in your OS.

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Our opinion ? It is better to start a manual test as soon as you install Bitdefender antivirus. Then, on the other hand, the programming is enough to free up time on your agenda or that of your network technician.

Network Threat Protection

If there is a human flaw that hackers test, it is that of inattention. It happens that users who are usually very cautious are victims of malware. Where Bitdefender antivirus plays it smart is that it is able to prevent attacks before they even reach your device! As cybersecurity specialists say so well, “ prevention is better than cure ”. Is not it ?

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Does Bitdefender filter spam well?

Whether at work or at home, we all receive hundreds of spam messages every year in our inbox. By running a test of it via the Bitdefender antivirus, you will then be able not only to locate all these messages but also to delete them. Better yet: Bitdefender will ask for your opinion and then -optionally- block their senders.

During our test, we launched Bitdefender Anti-spam on Microsoft Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird. The only negative point in our opinion here: a plugin is still missing for other providers, such as Gmail or Yahoo. However, Bitdefender has the necessary skills to create such an extension.

A fast antivirus

Bitdefender antivirus is one of the most efficient on the market, also when it comes to speed. And in several areas. Already during this test, we could notice that the software reacted immediately to all the threats it detected. Even better: in doing so, the antivirus did not slow down our operating system, whether on mobile (with iOS) or on PC. If we highlight this positive point in our opinion, it is because for many years this criterion was a real problem. Antiviruses were indeed accused of slowing down computers, with heavy processes in the background.

With Bitdefender, that’s just history. There’s not even anything to say about it. What’s more, specific features are there to make your laptop even more powerful than before. Bitdefender notably integrates the Auto-pilot option which gives you advice on how to configure your performance. We were able to test it, and the result is clear: the recommendations are clear, and above all they bear fruit from the very first hours.

Another test: that of Bitdefender Photon (a registered trademark). Our only regret will be that we can only try this tool with Bitdefender Premium Security, which is a rather expensive antivirus package. Goal ? Quoting the editor: “ adapt to your system’s software and hardware settings to save computer resources and improve speed and performance ”. A successful bet.

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Still on the speed side, let’s now move on in our opinion to the test of the Bitdefender antivirus profiles. These are personalized settings that also aim to improve the performance of your processor and your RAM. To do this, Bitdefender analyzes your behavior and offers you customized consumption modes for gaming, movies or work.

Then, the software asks for your opinion and it is up to you to select the desired profile. At any time, if the test of one of the three does not satisfy you, you can always deactivate it with one click. Only downside: this is not natively compatible with Siri or Cortana, which would be very practical for triggering a gaming profile during the game, for example.

A pro-privacy antivirus

Do you test VPN Bitdefender

If you’ve already read our full Bitdefender VPN review, then you can skip this section and go straight to the next one. Otherwise, we invite you to continue reading.

What is a VPN? It is an acronym for virtual private network . In fact, with this feature, Bitdefender antivirus takes care of hiding your online identity by encrypting your connection. This means that it is then no longer possible to know your IP address by connecting to the same network as you. To do this, Bitdefender VPN goes through other servers that pass your data from one to another and thus mask your IP with theirs. But then, who would agree to use such a tool? In fact, several key profiles are emerging.

  • the traveler : if you visit a cybercafé or connect to the Wi-Fi at the station, it is better to be protected by a VPN. Same thing for airplanes.
  • the smart one : online stores change their prices based on geolocation. Installing the Bitdefender antivirus VPN allows you to get an opinion on the prices charged in several regions, in order to make up your mind.
  • the whistleblower : in Russia or China for example, certain social networks are blocked. To communicate with foreign journalists, it is therefore better to protect yourself from tracers with a VPN.
  • the lover : what if your partner analyzed the data from your Internet service provider? Your wedding gift would no longer be a secret! Private browsing is unfortunately not always the solution in this kind of case.

To test Bitdefender VPN, we also advise you to try its trial version first.

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Say goodbye to ads

Against advertisements, only one reflex: Bitdefender Anti-tracker. As the name suggests, this feature is a byproduct of preventing ads from targeting you personally. During our test, the difference was clear and remarkable between navigation with Anti-tracker and without.

One of the first examples is precisely the content of the advertisements displayed. Thus, without the Bitdefender antivirus, we only received ads for apps compatible with our hardware. With Bitdefender antivirus, on the other hand, these have become more random and less invasive than before. This is a function that is included in this antivirus, and it gives us a very positive opinion of Bitdefender. It’s original and effective.

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Despite everything, in our opinion, it is better to opt for a free ad blocker like Adblock or Ublock Origin if you are only looking to make this content disappear. Bitdefender is indeed a much larger antivirus than this simple solution, hence its price. However, it should also be noted that the use of the Bitdefender VPN is a good solution to avoid overly invasive targeting of advertisements.

Protection des webcams

It is impossible to complete this Bitdefender antivirus test without telling you about THE feature. The one that we believe makes the difference. This is the webcam protection. Also available for the microphone, this feature lets you know when an app uses one of the two sensors. It might be useless if you’re initiating a FaceTime call or taking a Photo Booth selfie, but when intruded, it’s welcome. Note, however, that the Bitdefender antivirus is not the only one to offer this advantage. Indeed, with the update to iOS 14, this is also the case on iPhone.

Security at Bitdefender

We are not the only ones to have tested the Bitdefender antivirus. Indeed, other specialized newspapers have also been able to take control of the software. What’s more, there are even firms that are precisely specialized in this kind of test. This is how the AV Comparatives media , for example, awarded the “ Outstanding Security Product ” prize to Bitdefender, during the year 2020. We can also quote the opinion of our colleagues from, who quite simply Bitdefender their go-to choice.

And for us? Bitdefender is quite simply the most powerful and complete antivirus in Europe. But be careful, because the competition is watching it with in particular a very good score from Intego, specialists in computers running macOS.

Interface: flawless

Our opinion on the Bitdefender antivirus UI will be brief. It must be said, testing this software on a daily basis was a real pleasure. Both on the icons and on the layout of the menus, we feel that the developers have worked hand in hand with renowned designers. In addition, the program is fluid and easy to use. It is also easy to update its parameters without having technical knowledge.

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Mobile and computer compatibility

To run a security test on Windows with Bitdefender (Premium Security), it is necessary to have:

  • Windows 7 with at least Service Pack 1
  • 2 GB of RAM
  • 2.5 GB of free space on your hard drive
  • for the browser: Internet Explorer version 11 or later

The scan on macOS, meanwhile, will not launch until macOS X Yosemite. This is a real inconvenience as we know that Apple’s machines are justly known to hold up over time, but what do you want: it’s the law of the market. Finally, testing Bitdefender Premium Security on iOS will require installing version 11.2 at least, against 5.0 for Google smartphones running Android.

Formulas at Bitdefender

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus

Now that you know our expert opinion on Bitdefender antivirus, let’s talk about price. Yes, this protection software is not always free! Moreover, its freemium version is far too limited for us. Bitdefender Antivirus Plus, on the other hand, is a great, lower-cost alternative. Indeed, it will only cost you 16 euros per year instead of 39.99 euros to subscribe to it! With this offer, you can protect three devices for one year. With on the menu not only security on public Wi-Fi but also unlimited encrypted traffic.

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Bitdefender Total Security

Here we come to the best Bitdefender antivirus offer in our opinion: Total Security. More complete than the first, this offer certainly costs twice as much (32 euros per year therefore) but covers up to five devices per year! You can therefore, without hesitation, protect the computers and mobiles of the whole family. Normally, the price of this edition is around 80 euros per year; so you save almost half the price thanks to the promotion we have negotiated.

Bitdefender Internet Security

Finally, let’s discuss the case of Bitdefender Internet Security together. Here, no surprise, and only Windows PCs are eligible. For a freelancer or a small business, this is still a wise choice because the price is quite limited: only 24 euros per year. But be careful, because neither Macs nor mobiles are insured. It is therefore better to make sure to choose the right package according to your equipment.

Conclusion: our opinion on Bitdefender

With half a billion machines that are equipped with Bitdefender antivirus, the company has already proven its success. Its antivirus is known to be one of the most efficient and up-to-date on the market. By opting for his offer, you can rest easy. We would tend to advise you the Total Security formula which is the most complete – but also the most expensive. If you want to protect your entire network (directly at the Wi-Fi router level), there is the Bitdefender Box which is useful.

Our opinion of Bitdefender is very positive. This concerns both its antivirus and the galaxy of features it has developed around it (ad blocker, webcam protection, anti-spam, VPN, etc.). It is one of the most complete, with the risk of subscribing to offers that are not necessarily useful for everyone. So you have to look carefully so as not to pay too much – because Bitdefender is known to be premium.