AVG: antivirus review and test for PC, Mac and mobile

AVG is an excellent antivirus for Mac and Windows published by the company Avast since the year 2016. This acronym stands for Anti-Virus Guard. It is a software suite that offers a free offer but also paying ones. In this AVG test, we will go over the features offered by each plan marketed by AVG. We will also give you our opinion on the performance of the software according to the different machines on which we have installed it.

AVG is an antivirus that performs a regular security test on your Mac or PC. In order to identify possible spyware, ransomware and other Trojan horses. AVG also offers a smartphone edition. This is compatible with Android and iOS. It’s the same with Norton or Bitdefender.

AVG test review

Our review of Download AVG for Mac

AVG offers three different offers on Apple computers. We recommend that you first test AVG AntiVirus Free, which will not require any additional investment. On the other hand, you will only be entitled to two basic functionalities. These are antivirus and ransomware protection. But if you are of the opinion that good security is paid for, then you can choose AVG Internet Security at 59.99 euros per year or AVG Ultimate at 79.99 euros per year.

AVG test review
antivirus test Ⓒ AVG

These last two versions are much better provided in terms of functionality. Indeed, they also offer the Internet network security test and coverage against phishing. On the other hand, only the AVG Ultimate offer integrates TuneUp. This is a feature that aims to improve the performance of your computer significantly. AVG Secure VPN also comes only with AVG Ultimate.

The choice of these antiviruses will be above all personal. Thus, we believe that AVG Ultimate for Mac is essential if your company’s computer fleet is running macOS. On the other hand, an AVG Free test will be more than enough for a freelancer or a neighborhood trader. The same goes for protecting family computers. Also remember that Intego is for us the best free software on Mac.

Our review of Download AVG for Windows

Our AVG test on Windows was one of the most conclusive of all the antiviruses we were able to try. Indeed, we were pleasantly surprised by a simple to use software. This is the opinion of the editorial staff but also that of those around us. Indeed, AVG for Windows is very easy to understand. The developer does not use any particular technical term, so that we do not get lost either among the menus or among the parameters.

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The features offered by AVG on Microsoft’s operating system are numerous. First of all, there is the antivirus itself. Its goal is to recognize all threats to your PC. To do this, AVG regularly launches a security test, but this does not slow down the computer because it runs in the background. When a virus is detected, you are then automatically notified and you can choose what to do. AVG asks for your opinion: should the malware be removed? Or is it a false positive? You decide.

Our AVG test on Windows also allowed us to form an opinion on protection against phishing. We knowingly visited sites resembling Facebook and Instagram but being fake, AVG immediately identified them. A user who does not always pay attention to URLs could therefore potentially be saved by this superb security measure.

What about the smartphone version?

Who better than a proper AVG mobile test to find out how to protect your communications on the go? Here, the result is also there. This is also confirmed in the opinions that people leave on the App Store antivirus file, with an overall score of 4.8/5: it’s simply excellent. And on the Google Play Store, so, are you going to ask me? AVG Antivirus – Security & Virus Cleanup scores 4.7/5: almost as good. But anyway, the opinions are mostly positive in comments.

AVG test review
test offers Ⓒ AVG

On iPhone and Android, AVG acts as an antivirus with the same features as for computers. The only difference is perhaps that the interface is less easy to use on a much smaller touch screen. But it’s all that is most logical, in short.

AVG for Business

We couldn’t write this AVG review without telling you about the AVG test for professionals. Yes, there are actually offers dedicated to those who generate income with their computers. And fortunately, because hackers are often better able to attack this kind of profiles.

AVG for business is also a great everyday antivirus. This time there are two different sequels. The first is AVG Antivirus Business Edition, it is the more affordable of the two. It costs 42.34 euros to protect a device for one year. It includes antivirus and anti-phishing protection, but not only. CyberCapture is also included, a solution that allows you to send an unrecognized file to the Avast threat laboratory to be analyzed in real time.

The second package is the AVG Internet Security Business Edition test. Two additional options are included: Password Shield and Exchange Protection. For 55.34 euros per year.

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AVG test review
GPS test Ⓒ AVG

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install and activate AVG?

It’s easy: just bring your activation code. This can be found in your order confirmation.

What are the system requirements for AVG?

Excellent question. Here is the answer :

For Macs:

  • macOS Big Sur, macOS Catalnia, macOS Monterey, macOS HIGH Sierra, macOS Sierra, macOS Mojave or macOS El Capitan
  • 64-bit Intel processor or Apple silicon processor (M1, M1 Pro, M1 Pro Max
  • 512 MB of RAM, but 1 GB is preferable, at a minimum
  • 750 MB of disk space minimum
  • an Internet connection

For PCs:

  • Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 or Windows 7 SP1
  • Intel processor (ARM devices are not supported)
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 2 GB of storage space
  • an Internet connection
AVG test review
antivirus test Ⓒ AVG

What is the Quarantine Zone?

The Quarantine Zone, we tested it during our AVG test. This is where the supposedly malicious files that the antivirus detects are stored. But this classification is not made by chance. Indeed, when the AVG antivirus identifies a possible virus, it quarantines it because it corresponds to the fingerprint of an already known malware. It is then your opinion that takes precedence as to whether you want to erase this program or leave it running on the machine.

How to configure AVG?

We advise you to activate the AVG test which searches for viruses independently. We also invite you to install AVG on all your devices, from your mobiles to your computers and your tablets. Indeed, when a hacker accesses one of these devices, it is enough for another to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network for all your equipment to be hacked. Better to avoid running such risks, don’t you think?

What is Mac Analysis?

For our AVG opinion on this issue, we will trust the publisher itself. This states as follows:

In the main screen of AVG Internet Security or AVG Antivirus, click Run Mac Scan to perform a full scan of your Mac. This scan detects malware, spyware, and viruses.

You understood it, it is therefore the AVG test of your files which verifies that they are not dangerous for your computer. This one is dedicated to Apple computers like MacBook, Mac mini, iMac Pro and even Mac Pro.

What is Web Shield?

Most hackers actually attack you from the Internet. With the AVG Agent web test, you can avoid this danger. Indeed, this feature is responsible for checking all incoming data flows. Whether they come from your browser or from the Adobe Creative Cloud update, it’s all there and nothing is left to chance. In this way, if a hacker was of the opinion to send you malware via a Chrome extension or a fake update then he will be immediately blocked.

How does AVG protect my emails?

AVG email testing is performed on software that acts as an email inbox. Among them, we can notably cite Apple Mail (on Macs) and Mozilla Thunderbird (from the same publisher as Mozilla Firefox). AVG Mail Shield actually scans all email attachments you receive for malicious programs. It is also by checking that the headers of your e-mails do not contain malicious code that this tool secures your exchanges.

This feature is especially popular with sales departments. Indeed, if the data of their customers were revealed via a leak due to hacking, then the company would risk collecting very bad opinions and therefore having a bad image.

Can I test AVG without paying?

Yes. There is a free version of AVG. But a free AVG trial won’t give you access to what we think are the software’s most important features. This is for example the case of the Wi-Fi security test or the protection against phishing websites. The TuneUp option which improves performance is also only available with a paid plan such as AVG Internet Security or AVG Ultimate. It’s up to you to make the right choice, and not to forget anything at the risk of endangering your private information.