Download and install Ubuntu 17.04

The 2017 version of the Ubuntu operating system is 17.04, released in April 2017. If this edition is not badged LTS (Long Time Support) like the 16 and is therefore not preferred by companies, Linux users at home usually prefer to install the latest available version of the system. The code name for Ubuntu 17.04 is Zesty Zapus.

This tutorial is carried out step by step so that beginners, students and technicians can discover and learn how to install Ubuntu 17 without asking any questions, whether on their computer or in a virtual machine, for tests or to make it a main computer.

Download Ubuntu 17.04

The Ubuntu 17.04 installation download is free and available on this page.

If the incentive to donate is strong enough, you can ask to download the ISO file without paying by clicking on ” Not now, take me to the download »At the bottom of the page or go directly to this page of download Ubuntu Desktop 17.04 in 64bits.

Alternative downloads exist, such as through BitTorrent or by taking the network install, lighter.

Put the Ubuntu installation on DVD or USB key

Once the ISO file has been downloaded, it can be burn to DVD Where create a Linux Ubuntu installation USB key. to install the operating system on a computer. In the case of a virtual machine (VMware, Hyper-V, VirtualBox…), the ISO file will suffice.

Install Ubuntu 17

On a desktop, laptop or virtual machine, the Ubuntu OS is installed in the same way.

1. Start on the media (ISO, USB key, DVD). For desktops or laptops that will switch entirely to Ubuntu, it may be necessary to adjust the Bios accordingly: see for Asus, Toshiba and Dell for example.

2. On the first welcome screen, choose the language ” French “And click on” Install Ubuntu “:

tutorial download install Ubuntu 17 Linux

3. If the machine is connected to the Internet, check the lines ” Download updates while installing Ubuntu ” and ” Install third-party software for graphics hardware and Wi-Fi, Flash, MP3 and other media To have an operating system that recognizes video and network hardware, and is ready to play music.

tutorial download install Ubuntu 17 Linux

4. For a standard installation, choose the type of installation ” Erase the disk and install Ubuntu “And validate by” Install now »: Thus, the disk will be formatted and the wizard will create the partitions on its own. To use LVM, encrypt the disk or size the partitions, use the options offered.

tutorial download install Ubuntu 17 Linux

5. To validate changes to overwrite hard drive and install Ubuntu 17.

tutorial download install Ubuntu 17 Linux

6. Check the time zone and click on To continue.

7. Configure the keyboard layout: ” French ” to the left, ” French – French (legacy, alternative) »For a French azerty keyboard, or other parameter depending on the material. You can test by writing a few words and checking the special characters (@, €, #…).

tutorial download install Ubuntu 17 Linux

8. On the next screen, indicate:

  • Your name: will be displayed as the session name
  • Computer name: hostname
  • Username: login used by the system
  • Password: if possible complex with upper case, lower case, number and special character

tutorial download install Ubuntu 17 Linux

9. Updates are being downloaded and the system is installed.

10. At the end of the operation, a message asking ” Restart now »The device.

11. Another message on a black background may ask for remove DVD or USB installation media (please remove the installation medium): do it then press Entrance. In the case of a VM, disconnect the mounted ISO file.

12. The Linux Ubuntu 17 operating system is now installed and ready to use. Check if the hardware is well recognized (graphics card, audio part, Ethernet and WiFi network, etc. In the case of a VMware virtual machine, think about install VM Tools to support virtual devices.

tutorial download install Ubuntu 17 Linux