Download and install the new version Windows 10 21H1

Microsoft published on May 19, 2021 the new Windows 10 update. She is called 21H1. This update brings fixes, new features.

To update, install the new update Windows 10 21H1 this procedure must be followed.

We offer you a direct link for download the ISO Windows 10 21H1 as soon as possible.

Windows 10 21H1: What’s New

You will find below the novelties

Here is the list of new features for Windows 10 21H1:

  • The Windows Hello authentication module now offers you to choose the camera for facial authentication.
  • Windows Defender is now more efficient when scanning files
  • Improved performance of Robocopy when copying files larger than 400mb.
  • Improved service performance Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) especially during remote interrogations.
  • Improvement of security policies applied by AD administrators. They apply more quickly.
  • Microsoft Edge (Chromium) now supports Kiosk mode.

That’s nothing crazy to tell the truth …

Before installing the update ….

The version is very fresh so it is not free of bugs. Before starting the update it is strongly recommended to back up your computer !

If you are in a business, it is not necessarily a good thing to update your fleet immediately.

Wait a little until the patches are passed to have a stable version!

To back up your computer I advise you to take a look at Veeam Agent

Download ISO Windows 10 21H1

We offer you a ISO Windows 10 21H1 which was generated from the “creation media” kit on the official Microsoft website

Download ISO Windows 10 21H1

You can also create the ISO yourself by downloading the Creation KIT from Microsoft:

We also offer the old versions of Windows, you will also find the ISOs for the Windows Server version on our page:

Windows 10 May 2021
The kit is available for the May 2021 update

Install Windows 10 21H1

Once the Windows 10 21H1 ISO has been downloaded you can update by mounting the iso then clicking on setup.exe, just follow the wizard.

This method is the most reliable to update your Windows 10

To mount the ISO just right-click then open in the explorer

mount iso windows explorer

The ISO is mounted and it appears as a hard drive or DVD player on your computer. You must then open the setup.exe file

iso setup exe
The Setup.exe allows you to update Windows 10 even on Windows 7

Another solution is to burn theiso on a USB stick in order to perform a new installation.

If you have Windows 7 know that this method works for update Windows 7 to Windows 10 and all for free!

Congratulations you now know how to update Windows 10 to Windows 10 21H1

List of known bugs for Windows 10 21H1

Even though the version fixes bugs and has been tested, bugs have been detected and are known to Microsoft.

The list of bugs is available here:

As usual, we wait for the fixes.

It is obviously difficult to put this version into production.

It is best to test with your business applications before sending it to production.

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