Download and install SQL Server 2014

The latest version of Microsoft RDBMS software, SQL Server 2014, is available in different versions: Express for basic functions (free), complete to have all the advanced options (cluster, backup plan, etc.). This tutorial explains where download SQL Server 2014 and how theinstall on a Windows Server 2012 R2 but the procedure is identical on the other versions, including Windows 7 and 8.

Download SQL Server 2014 Express (free version)

1. Go to the dedicated Microsoft page to download SQL Server 2014 Express (free).

2. Click on the button To download by having checked the language (French by default).

3. Choose the version ” ExpressAndTools 64BIT SQLEXPRWT_x64_FRA.exe ”For the SQL server and the Management Studio management tool.

4. Double click on the downloaded file which will decompress in a temporary folder.

Download SQL Server 2014 (full version)

1. Go to the site SQL Server 2014 full version (in evaluation of 180 days).

2. Choose ” SQL Server 2014 ISO »And click on Start now.

3. Identify yourself with a LiveID (Hotmail or Outlook address).

4. Choose the version 32 or 64bits and the language favorite, then To continue at the bottom of the page.

5. The downloaded file being an .iso, we can either extract it (with 7Zip or WinRar) or the mount in windows.

6. To start the installation, run setup.exe.

Install SQL Server 2014

1. Request a ” New SQL Server stand-alone installation “.
The upgrade works from SQL Server 2005 or later (2008, 2008 R2, and 2012).

tutorial install SQL Server 2014

2. Accept the terms of the License Agreement.

3. It is possible to activate the search for updates on Microsoft Update, for example to download the latest service pack. If this option is not checked, the next screen displays an error that can be ignored.

4. All the indicators of ” Installation rules Must be green. Usually, you have to remember to check Windows Firewall.

tutorial install SQL Server 2014

5. Choose the different features to install :

  • Services Database engine: the SQL server, essential
  • SQL Server replication: in the case of a cluster
  • Connectivity of client tools: for management from another workstation, via Management Studio
  • Backward compatibility of client tools: to authorize the Management Studio of an earlier version
  • Management tools: installs the Management Studio software on the SQL server

tutorial install SQL Server 2014

6. The same screen also allows you to choose where to install the SQL instance, by default in “C: Program Files Microsoft SQL Server”. We can therefore move the instance to another partition or secondary disk for better performance and increased security.

7. An error appears if the component .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 is not already installed (follow this tutorial) then run a check (button Rerun).

8. Give a SQL instance name, by default SQLEXPRESS or MSSQLSERVER.

tutorial install SQL Server 2014

9. Modify the service accounts if necessary to use another login.

10. SQL authentication is set to “Windows” by default, which will only allow Active Directory accounts to connect to the SQL server. The ” Mixed mode “Is interesting for also using SQL users, including the famous administrator account” her “. You can also specify the AD accounts who will have an administrator access.

tutorial install SQL Server 2014

11. The ” Data directories »Allows you to select the folders to store databases (Data), logs, backups (Backup).

Connection to SQL Server 2014 and creation of a database

1. Open the software SQL Server Management Studio and connect to the previously created instance, either with Windows authentication of an authorized account, or with the “sa” administrator account.

SQL Server 2014 login tutorial

2. Right click on “Database” and choose “New database”, “Join” or “restore database” depending on the operation to be performed.

SQL Server 2014 new database tutorial