Download and install iTunes on Windows 10

Since the year 2019, the software iTunes to manage iPad, iPhone and iPod no longer installs as a simple program under Windows. You must now go through the Microsoft Store of Windows 10 to download and install the Apple suite.

So here is an explanation to know where to download and how to install iTunes software on Windows 10 computer. The iTunes version on Microsoft Store is compatible for W10 from version 1709, i.e. Fall Creators Update. All the following versions are therefore compatible, starting with the fall 2017 update.

Windows 10: download and install iTunes

1. Click on this link from the computer where to install iTunes: iTunes on Microsoft Store

2. Click on the blue button ” To download “:

tutorial download install iTunes Windows 10

3. In the window that opens, from the Microsoft Store, click again on the blue button ” To download ” Where ” To install “:

4. The download begins immediately. Installation is done automatically immediately, with no action to be taken.

tutorial download install iTunes Windows 10 Microsoft Store

If a “Connection” window appears on the screen, all you have to do is close it with the cross. This concerns users with a “local account” (without a Microsoft account on W10, ie who have not linked their Windows PC to an e-mail address). Since the download is done via the Windows platform, Microsoft will take the opportunity to encourage you to connect to an online account. No need to download iTunes.

5. Once the message “This product is installed” on the screen, click on ” To throw To open iTunes.

iTunes Windows 10 Microsoft Store tutorial

6. The Apple iTunes software is open. Click on ” Accept »In blue to start using the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch management program.

Apple iTunes Windows 10

Why not go to the Apple site to download iTunes?

Because Apple sends Windows PC users to the Microsoft Store. Apple no longer hosts the iTunes app for Windows. Apple computers (Macbook, iMac, Mac Pro …) must also go through the Apple Store to add iTunes (which is however preinstalled with macOS).

download iTunes Windows 10 W10

download iTunes Windows 10 Microsoft Store