Download and install hundreds of watchfaces for your Mi Band 5 with this tutorial

xiaomi mi band 5 change spheres

Do you have a Mi Band 5 at home and want to customize it? We are not talking about painting it or something similar, but about changing its appearance with watchfaces. In addition to all the great things about this smart bracelet, Xiaomi promised that it would officially arrive with more than 100 spheres. Do you want to know how to change its appearance? Then look how to put and get more watchfaces for the Xiaomi Mi Band 5.

Get and install more than 100 skins for your Mi Band 5 from the official store

download watchface mi band 5

The Mi Band 5 store offers more than 100 skins to download, and many of them are outrageous. There are for all kinds of tastes, from simple and elegant watchfaces, to extremely extravagant designs for the most daring. If you want to change the basic look of your bracelet so that it looks a little more like you, you just have to do this:

  1. Turn on your Mi Band 5 and keep it connected to your mobile.
  2. On your smartphone, launch the Mi Fit app from Xiaomi.
  3. Go to your profile within the application.
  4. Select your Mi Band 5 on the list.
  5. Enter the “Store” section of Mi Fit.
  6. Browse between the different categories of watchfaces that Xiaomi offers you.
  7. Select any you liked it.
  8. Press “Synchronize clock appearance”.

Once the synchronization has finished, your Mi Band 5 will already have the watchface that you wanted installed in its storage, but now it needs to be activated:

  1. Go to your Mi Band 5 and hold the screen, you will enter the gallery of available spheres.
  2. Swipe down or up until you find the watchface you want.
  3. Touch the one you want to view to activate it and that’s it.

Very easy, Hey? So you can have dozens of watchfaces on your Xiaomi Mi Band 5 and adapt it to each daily situation that you have to live. But wait, because there is more.

Use third-party applications to have more spheres on your Mi Band 5

In addition to the official store, there are third-party applications that also offer their own watchfaces for the Mi Band 5. There are multiple options within the Play Store, but this time we will only talk about “Mi Band 5 Watch Faces”.

This app stands out over others because it is easy to use, has a fairly extensive library of spheres and is continually updated with more. Its only downside is that it shows a little more advertising than we would like, but you can uninstall it once you have the spheres you need. How can you install custom screens with Mi Band 5 Watch Faces? A) Yes:

  1. Download and install Mi Band 5 Watch Faces from the Play Store.
  2. Open the app on your mobile.
  3. Browse the gallery of spheres available until you find one you like.
  4. Select it to see its details and know if it suits what you want.
  5. If it convinces you, download the watchface tapping on the green button on the screen.
  6. Once downloaded, select “Open Mi Fit app”.
  7. Go to your profile within the application.
  8. Select your Mi Band 5 on the list.
  9. Enter the “Store” of Mi Fit.
  10. Open the “Administrator” tab and go to “Local wrist displays”.
  11. Select the sphere that you just downloaded.
  12. Press sync and wait for the process to finish.
  13. Take your Mi Band5 and hold the screen.
  14. Browse between your synced watchfaces.
  15. Touch the one you want for it to activate.
Mi Band 5 Watch Faces

As easy as the previous process, but if it confuses you a bit you can watch the video that leads this section of the tutorial. Is there anything left to say? Yes, and you can also create your totally personalized watchface.

Create watchfaces with your favorite photos for your Xiaomi Mi Band 5

create custom watchface mi band 5

In addition to the downloadable watchfaces, The Mi Fit application also allows you to create a sphere designed on demand for you. You will start from a photo that is in the gallery of your mobile, you can choose between 5 available templates and many colors. How do you do it?

  1. On your smartphone, launch the Mi Fit app from Xiaomi.
  2. Go to your profile within the application.
  3. Select the Mi Band 5.
  4. Enter the «Shop» of Mi Fit.
  5. Access “Watchface from stored photo”, located at the end of the library.
  6. Choose any of the 5 aspects predefined that the app offers you.
  7. Press the “+” button on “Custom background”.
  8. Select photo you want to make the bottom of your sphere.
  9. Choose the color of the letters and numbers that best suits your taste and background.
  10. Press sync appearance of the watch.
  11. Activate your new custom look on your Mi Band 5.

Can you imagine everything you can do by putting these three methods together? You will always have the perfect look for the screen of your Mi Band 5. Now it’s up to you to put it into practice and tell us how it was, what are you waiting for?