Download a program that plays songs in the background

Program that plays songs in the background Technology companies are always competing to provide the best and most prominent applications, especially those interested in music with the highest possible quality, and this competition led to the release of advanced programs to play songs in the background, we chose for you the best applications Music player, for Android devices.

Program that plays songs in the background

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Download a program that plays songs in the background

MIMP is one of the best programs that plays songs in the background because it determines the brightness and degree, and it scans very carefully and carefully to search for all audio files, tones and sounds of saved games, and it also controls the speed levels (playback)

Features of MIMP

  1. 32 . bit audio processing
  2. Supports multiple playlists
  3. Great functionality and user-friendly interface
  4. Create wishlists and queues
  5. Supports CUE log files
  6. Supports plugins

To download the program, press Here….

Vanced . Program

The second best app on the list A program that plays songs in the background Which is easy to download and install on the device, this program is considered one of the most important smart programs, and it can be downloaded from the original link

Program Advantages

  1. You can play YouTube songs and keep a copy of them
  2. There are many artists and channels
  3. A program that plays songs in the background And browse other programs, whether they are social networking programs, games, or others
  4. How to download directly from our official website

Background song driver requirements

Internet presence

_ Requires version 4.4 and above

On the iPhone, you need 10.0 and above

How to run the program

  • Download the microG file, which is available in red.
  • Download lead link.
  • Download sai from the green link.
  • Choose Advanced.apk from the previously downloaded files.
  • Click on the word install.

Program download link click Here….


This application is easy to use and convenient and not as mysterious as some applications, and it is not only fun and convenient, but it also does not cause any inconvenience with the amount of messages allowed to install, unlike

Some other applications, as soon as you open directly, the playlist appears, to start listening to your favorite songs, and it also supports some basic things.

Such as (WAV MP3 OGG) In addition to having audio enhancement settings and Playback feature, you can now know how important this program is and how to use it is simple and fun.

To download the program, press Here


It is a premium program that is favored by a very large group, because it is multi-featured and includes a variety of sound enhancements that come as plug-ins so you can improve the sound as you like.

To download the program, press Here


It is a program that includes sounds and is considered an essential program for music addicts, and it is considered one of the best multimedia programs, as it plays all the different sounds, and it is also a library of tools for audio files, because it contains many features, along with other programs, and it is a program that plays songs in the background.

Main Features

  1. Advanced Media Library Manager
  2. tag editor
  3. Sync with other devices
  4. Convenient metadata search

To download the program, press TheyNS….


It is a lightweight program, completely ad-free, and has a lot of features that allow you to control your music, one earpiece pauses and successive clicking changes the track and you can play the song in a fast way when you click four times in a row, it supports many menus and easy to use, On top of that it has word support, tag editor, time to sleep, and more

Musicolet Features

  1. android auto support
  2. Significant progress in music with headphones
  3. Tag Editor for Album Editing
  4. Set more than 20 queues

Download the program from Here

phonograph music player

It is an eye-catching application with an interface, it is an elegant user design and color, and allows you to change the themes as you want, it is not only good looking, it contains many other advantages, it contains other features such as lock screen controls, play without breaks, and there is a timer sleep, etc. It makes in-app purchases

Phonograph special features

  1. Comprehensive theme download engine.
  2. integration to download additional information about tracks.

To download the program, press Here….

Pm . music player

This Pi music player is beautifully designed and loaded with all the necessary features that music junkies will love Program that plays songs in the backgroundWhen you start to use it will ask to select a theme among four different types and you can change it at another time if required, and music can be played from any different views of the library, such as tracks, artists, albums, playlists and folders, besides, it comes with a sleep position, The widget is supported, but it displays ads.

Special Features of Pi . Music Player

  1. Guarantees 5 waves or more.
  2. Featured pi power share to share music.
  3. Improved folder view to manage audio files.
  4. Support for audiobooks and podcasts.
  5. Tones can be clipped.
  6. Provide share feature.
  7. Edit song data.
  8. Provide more than 25 amazing wallpapers.
  9. Lock screen control and animation.

This application speaks for itself, it is the best experience to get music with great sounds, it is beautifully designed and integrated with some exceptional powerful features, widget support, different backgrounds are great for navigation and animation, three modes including smoothing mode, lighting mode, dark mode and lightening as desired, interface Intuitively designed. To download click Here….


program that plays songs in the background, If you are a fan of singing with songs, this is the best application for you. The floating lyrics tool allows you to display them even during use, in addition to the ability to search for songs by title, artist, or lyrics from the song. The player itself includes all the necessary features to make you happy and enjoy the music, Without ads

Special Features of Musixmatch

  1. translate words songs
  2. Define the lyrics
  3. Share lyrics
  4. Supports wearS, chromecast

To download the program, press Here ….


It is an Android music player app, its library can be browsed according to your albums, artists, and composers, it is fast and predictable, it can download lost, searched, and chronicled album art on your own.

Special Features of Media Spreader

  1. Compatible with third-party devices
  2. Supports many devices including ANDROID AUTO, upnp and chromecast dlna

To download the program, press Here

N7player Music Player

It contains optical, surface and innovative search simply zoom in and out, to view all audio files, and you can search for T-song in different views, it is equipped with many features, including tag editor, sleep timer, tools and much more, and the biggest features are that it is a free version that can be tried and then purchased, with less An amount to enjoy its features


  2. 10 bands with multiple presets

With a lot of applications we have provided software events, you can choose a program that plays songs in the background, with syncing the lyrics, the best music player for Android and in general, the best music streaming applications for IOS devices, in addition to any programs to play videos also in the background, so that we have come to the end Application A program that plays songs in the background.

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