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This solution is for people who get one of the following messages when trying to open a library on Windows 7 or 8 : “Documents.library-ms” no longer works, “Pictures.library-ms” no longer works, “Music.library-ms” no longer works Where “Videos.library-ms” no longer works.

Here is the solution to solve the problem with the libraries that no longer open on Windows 7 and Windows 8. An error message like “LibraryName.library-ms” no longer works should appear when you try to open your Documents, Pictures, Music, or Videos library.

library-error-ms-no longer-working

We go first delete library (s) which display the error message. Don’t worry, a library can be safely deleted: the folders you have included in the library will not be deleted.

To do this, open theWindows explorer (Windows + E) then click Libraries in the navigation panel on the left.

access-libraries-library-ms-no longer-works

Now delete the problematic libraries. Right click on the library concerned then click on To delete. Pressing the key Delete also works 😀

delete-libraries-library-ms-no longer-works

Once the problematic libraries have been removed, right click on Libraries in the navigation panel on the left and select Restore default libraries.

restore-libraries-to-default-error-library-ms-no longer-working

There you go, all your libraries are now restored ! :OK:

problem-solution-resolved-error-library-ms-no longer-works

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