DOCUMENTARY +: the Netflix of free documentaries

documentary plus new platform for free documentaries

The success of Netflix has made many want to emulate its results. And not only in the case of large companies such as Disney or Amazon, but also in smaller projects.

This is the case of Documentary + a new free streaming service designed for lovers of documentaries.

Everything you need to know about Documentary +

Documentary Plus is a young project, It just started on January 28, 2021. The XTR studio and Tony Hsieh are responsible for it.

And it will surely have caught your attention that it is a platform with totally free content. But this is not the only thing that should interest you, despite how recent it is, Documentary Plus already has plans to expand its selection of documentaries with unique and quality content.

And the current content is wide and diverse enough like to please everyone.

What can you find in DOC +?

Documentary Plus offers a mix of short documentaries and other productions, both from well-known directors and less popular ones.

This entire selection is divided into categories ranging from music, politics, culture, science and nature to real crimes, sports, comedy and cults. So little escapes when it comes to meet any kind of taste.

Also, here you will find from Award-winning films to the best productions presented at festivals. In fact, Doc + hopes to be able to include the films presented at this year’s Sundance Film Festival in the near future.

Where can you see all the content of Documentary Plus?

To see all the content available on Documentary + you do not need to create an account or join special plans. All you have to do is enter their website and search through the sections until you find a video that you like.

This streaming platform is available worldwide and is compatible with Android and iOS devices, as well as Apple TV, Fire TV, Roku, and more. So you have no excuses when it comes to seeing what’s new in Doc +.