Do you want to upload music to Instagram without violating copyright? So you can achieve it

upload music to instagram without violating copyright

Instagram is a pretty strict social network when it comes to copyright. If you post another user’s content as your own, Instagram will most likely remove it immediately, notifying you that you have violated copyright. Even if you have published a video created by yourself, they can still delete it. And it is that many people are not aware that the music they play in the background in their videos belongs to a person (or record company) and using it without your permission infringes on copyright.

So you have to be very careful with what you share on Instagram so that they do not delete your post or silence your direct. In that sense, publishing your own content would be enough to get around this problem, although there is always the risk of accidental copyright infringement with some music that plays in the background in your videos. Therefore, here we will give you some tips that will help you upload music to Instagram without violating copyright.

Follow these tips to upload music to Instagram without violating copyright

tips to upload music to instagram without violating copyright

In an article published on its official blog and entitled Updates and guidelines for including music in videos, Instagram has revealed that users can upload music to the social network without violating copyright, as long as they follow these tips:

  • There are no limitations for uploading music to stories (Stories): you can put the music you want in this format. In fact, it is allowed to put on a concert or a live performance. Although, given the length of a story, you will hardly be able to put a fragment of a song.
  • The shorter the length of the music in the video, the less likely you are to infringe copyright. For this reason, Instagram recommends using short fragments of songs in posts and live streams. If you exceed the duration of a song in a live, Instagram will warn you that you must remove it. Otherwise, they will mute or cancel your broadcast.
  • Videos with music must have visual content: You cannot create a video with a still image that only has the audio of a song. That will be reason enough for Instagram to remove your post immediately.
  • Use copyrighted music or your own music– You can also easily escape this problem by downloading royalty-free music on the Internet. This type of music, like the one offered by the Facebook library, you can use it on Instagram (either live or in a publication) without restrictions. Although, if you have musical skills, it would not be bad for you to show your followers the music that you are capable of creating.
  • Modify the song to fool the algorithm: This is not an Instagram suggestion, but it is a trick used by many people in this medium. What you have to do is, with a music editing tool, add another voice or another musical background to the song you want to use (although this will ruin its quality). That way, the algorithm that detects copyright infringement won’t be able to catch you. However, keep in mind that algorithms are increasingly advanced and can detect this trick. So it is not a foolproof method, but you can give it a try.

On the other hand, it should be clarified that these tips only apply to the 90 countries (Spain included) where Instagram has reached an agreement with record labels to use copyrighted music. Therefore, in some specific countries these tips will be of no use, as they are strictly prohibited from using even 3 seconds of a copyrighted song.