Do you see unknown contacts in Telegram? Here we show you why this happens to you

Unknown contacts on Telegram

Some Telegram users have reported that unknown contacts appear in the application. If you have also had contacts on Telegram that you don’t have, do not worry! Here we explain why this happens and how you can fix it.

Why do you see contacts in Telegram that you don’t have?

Telegram is an application with multiple functions and toolsIn fact, it is one of the messaging apps that has the most. As this app is constantly being improved, now it will also allow you to share the screen in video calls and voice chats.

The problem with having so many functions is that they can sometimes confuse you. For example, a recent complaint about Telegram is that some users have indicated that unknown contacts have appeared on Telegram.

If you have appeared contacts in Telegram that you do not have, it is because you have the Find people function enabled. You will surely wonder What is this function for?

When you enable this function of the app, Telegram will show you the people who are in an approximate radius of 15 kilometers and they also have the function activated. In other words, the People near Telegram function allows you to connect and find people who are close to you.

How to deactivate the People near Telegram function so as not to have unknown contacts in the app?

You can use the People function near Telegram enable or disable whenever you want. In this way, you will not have strangers among your contacts in the app. If what you need is to delete a contact, here we show you how you can delete a contact from Telegram.

Delete contacts that you do not have Telegram

To deactivate the Find people function of Telegram you must do the following:

  1. Opens Telegram.
  2. Select all 3 lines in the upper left.
  3. Tap on «People nearby».
  4. Choose «Stop showing me».

Now you will not see those unknown contacts on Telegram. It is possible that you have accidentally activated this function and that is why unknown contacts appeared.

Then there is another option, that you have his number on the agenda and you don’t remember it, or that they are synchronizing from another account that you are not aware of … But that no longer means that they are unknown.

You can activate the Find people function again whenever you want. In any case, you must be careful when activating functions that you do not know very well and when opening suspicious links, remember that a virus that steals your cryptocurrencies circulates through Telegram.