Do not suffer the price increase of the Freebox Revolution (Free ADSL and fiber)

Freebox Revolution subscribers have all received an e-mail to warn them that the Internet operator Free has decided to include the “TV by CANAL Panorama” offer in its package of channels. This is not an option but an obligation and the Internet – TV – telephone package will drop from € 37.97 to € 39.99 per month.

This is only € 2 extra but for those who do not wish to undergo a price increase or who do not watch television, this represents € 24 of unnecessary expenditure per year.

The “TV by Canal” package offers 50 channels, 25 of which already exist on the Freebox, ie the addition of 25 new channels to the operator’s already plethora of offerings. We will therefore find MCM, Paris Première, Teva, Teletoon +, Mangas, Science et Vie TV, History, All history, Piwi, etc. among Freebox Revolution subscribers who will suffer the price increase and thus pay 40 € per month. However, no access to real Canal +, Canal + Sport or other Canal + Cinema channels.

This only concerns the Freebox Revolution ADSL – VDSL – Fiber packages, Freebox Crystal and Freebox Mini 4K subscribers will have to pay a (real) option at € 24.90 to take advantage of it (without commitment), they will not be forced to do so.

New subscribers (from November 2016) will have no choice and will pay € 39.99 each month to Free to benefit from the Freebox Revolution and Canal channels. They will not be able to deactivate the mandatory option.

Note that the operator Orange offers the same package of Canal channels at € 5 as an option but does not oblige its Livebox 4 subscribers to subscribe. The same should apply to the other SFR operators – Numericable, Bouygues, etc.

And by the way, the CANALSAT brand disappears in favor of CANAL.

Increase of 2 € per month for the Freebox subscription: how to escape it

1. Go toFreebox subscriber area :

2. Heading My subscription.

3. Select Go back to the previous offer.

4. To validate.

Thus, you will come back to the “channelless” version and therefore less than € 38 per month for the Freebox Revolution subscription.

The opportunity to terminate Free without paying 50 €

Since this is a contract modification, the Consumer Code allows the customer to terminate his subscription free of charge. This is therefore an opportunity to change internet operator without having to pay the usual termination fees (49 €). Termination free of charge will be possible until March 1, 2017 (four months after the implementation of the forced option) and this right of termination cannot be contested by the operator. And when you don’t watch too much television, you can subscribe to a 20 € package for internet + landline phone and still have the basic TNT channels.

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