Do not buy a Xiaomi mobile in the store, it is a scam


A few days ago a Facebook user asked us whether to buy from M-mobile It was safe and we got down to work examining prices, conditions, data and… It didn’t take long for us to realize that giving your money to this store is throwing it away. Is a fraud like a house.

From this article we will tell you all the reasons we have to say this and how to identify more stores of this type. We also leave you with the three most common scams on social networks, it never hurts to know this kind of thing.

How do we detect that is a scam? scam

The curious thing about this website is that it is not new, it is changing domain because they are closing for obvious reasons. Before, for example, it was My Spain and it was quite well positioned, sometimes even above the same official Xiaomi website. Yes, this is a serious problem that more than one has fallen into.

The reasons why we say this are not few precisely and we recommend that you take them into account if in the future you have doubts:

  • Does not accept payment with PayPal because they know that if they do, the buyer’s money will be safe. This is one of the clearest signs, although we must say that other stores do not have it and are safe. But generally, most websites accept it if they are reliable. Others such as Amazon, AliExpress and some others do not have it but they are an exception.
  • And the legal conditions? You will never see a sales website without the legal conditions in sight, basically because it must be that way by law.
  • The company does not belong to anyone, that is, it is not registered.
  • The mobiles they sell are too cheap. In fact, they do not even cover the expenses of buying them in bulk. If it’s too good to be true, it probably isn’t.
  • The opinions we find online (something basic to clear suspicions) they are dire.
  • Texts are too robotic and they seem to be translated without giving it too much importance.
  • They pose as the official Xiaomi store in Spain to create confusion.

m-mobile scam prices

If the website you are looking at meets several of these things, make sure before buying anything. Luckily we told this user that the website was totally false and he did not buy a mobile phone at a “demolition price”.

We leave you here an offer of the Xiaomi Mi 9 at the best price and another opportunity to take the Redmi Note 7. The stores that we recommend they don’t have any kind of problem and, in fact, we have bought many times from them. Did you know M-mobile? Have you ever considered buying from them?