Discover how to put your favorite music in Instagram Stories

Do you want to put background music on your Instagram stories? It is very simple! We tell you how you can show the world the music you like the most in your social networks. And if you want get creative, it will be even more fun for you.

With music in your Instastories you can share the trendy songs (like Jeff Bezos), find other fans of your Favorite groups, design your own album covers with stickers and GIFs … There are endless possibilities!

How to put the songs you want in your Instagram Stories

How to share your Spotify music on Instagram stories

The easiest way to upload the music you want to your Instastories is to do it from Spotify or Spotify Lite. We explain how to do it step by step!

  1. Find the song you want share to your Insta stories in the Spotify app.
  2. Click on the three dots icon to the right of the song to open its options.
  3. Choose “Share” > “Instagram”.
  4. Ready! Now you can decorate your story however you want, with the direct link to Spotify on the cover of the corresponding album.

As you know, Spotify and Instagram always go hand in hand. And if you can already share your #OnlyYou or your Spotify Wrapped on Instagram, Why wouldn’t you be able to share the songs you listen to?

Of course, this way of uploading your own music to Instagram Stories only works with Spotify. If you have other similar apps, like Deezer, Tilda or Amazon Music, keep reading. We have the solution!

Other ways to upload your music to Instagram stories without Spotify

If you don’t have Spotify or you are one of those who prefer other applications to listen to music, don’t worry. There are more ways to share the music you like on your Instagram Stories!

Use the “Music” sticker on Instagram

Use the Instagram stickers to upload the songs you want to your stories

Thanks to this function that Instagram added to its stories, you can access the extensive catalog of Spotify music without having to download the app.

You only have to find the song you want and add it to your Story. Can personalize how is it going to look, or even turn on subtitles so that the lyrics of the song come out in motion.

You can select up to 15 seconds of music for your Instagram story. However, everyone who clicks on the «Music» sticker will be able to listen to the first whole minute.

Put links to the song you want on your Instagram

How to place links to the songs you want on Instagram Stories

If you have more than 10,000 followers, you can link the URL of the song or video clip you want to your Stories using the new “Links” sticker.

And if not, you can also put the link to the song you want in your Instagram bio. You just have to go to “Edit profile”, from your Instagram profile, and paste the URL you want in the section “Website”.

This option will be especially useful for you if you are an artist and want to share your latest songs with your followers. It’s a great way to get more views on your projects!

Record yourself the music you want in your Story

Of course, the most direct way to share the music you like with everyone. If there is something left over for Internet users, they are ingenious ideas to solve any impediment. This is how it was done before having the «Music» sticker!

You can record another device, even if the video or sound quality is worse, or upload screen recordings from your own mobile as videos to your Story.

Plus, you won’t have to worry about violating Instagram’s strict copyright policy on music. The normal thing is that just jump during live shows, not in Stories.

So if you want put music in your stories, you have several options. You have no excuse not to!