Disable Windows Search Indexing Service

For a slightly weak hardware configuration and to try to improve the performance of the computer running Windows Vista, 7 or 8, it is possible to disable the Windows Search indexing service. This function is nice to find in a few seconds the result of a search on the hard disk but it also consumes resources to index the files of your computer.

Disable Windows Search and File Indexing

Note: it is better not to deactivate this function if you do not know what it is for and your computer is performing well.

1. From the Windows home screen, type “ services »And select Settings. In the results on the left, open Show local services.

Windows 8 services

Windows 8 services

2. Locate ” Windows Search Which should be at the bottom of the list.

Windows Search service

3. Double click on the Windows Search line and modify the Start type by choosing Deactivated.

Windows Search service disable

4. Click on Stop and to validate when requested to stop other services. Click on okay to close the window.

Windows Search service disable

5. Close windows and stay on the desktop. Open File Explorer by this icon (or by the key combination Windows + E).

open windows 8 explorer

6. In the left part, click on Computer.

Windows 8 computer

7. Make a right click on your hard drive (This Properties. The manipulation will then have to be redone on your other disks and partitions.

Windows 8 hard drive properties

8. Uncheck line ” Allow indexing of the contents of files on this drive in addition to file properties »Then click on the button Apply.

Windows Search indexing

9. Choose ” Apply changes to C: drive, subfolders and files »And validate by okay.

Windows Search indexing disable

10. Validate the user rights step by To continue.

Windows Search indexing stop

11. Choose ” Ignore all If the message appears. Some files will not be able to be deindexed, very few compared to the tens of thousands on the hard drive.

Windows Search indexation stop

12. The operation may take a few minutes.

Windows Search indexing

When finished, start over from step 7 if you have multiple hard drives or partitions.

13. Restart the computer to validate these modifications.

File searches may now take longer than before, but machine performance will not be degraded by this indexing feature.

Re-activate Windows Search

If you want to restart the Windows Search function, go back to Services, choose the Startup type ” Automatic (delayed start) »And validate by Apply (without doing OK). Then click on the button To start up to start Windows Search immediately without having to restart the machine.

Then go to the properties of the hard drive to check line ” Allow indexing of the contents of files on this drive in addition to file properties »Before validating.