Disable Safari Colors in Mac (Mac)? This is how!

Since Safari 15, the tab has been automatically tinted in the same color as the most used color of the website you are currently visiting.

As a result, the top part of the tab takes on the same color. This can ensure a good reading experience because the top part of Safari is less noticeable. However, it can also be very annoying for people who have a not too good view. It’s also annoying if you do not like the color of the website.

tab color tint in Safari

You can disable the auto-tinting of the tab bar in Safari. In this tip, I’ll explain how to disable the color in the tab bar for macOS.

Disable Safari Colors tab

Open the Safari browser. Click Safari at the top left. Then click Preferences.

Open Safari Preferences

Then click on the tab: Tabs. Then turn off the option: Show color in tab bar.

Disable show color in tab bar

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