Disable OneDrive / SkyDrive

Despite the ability to disable automatic document saving in OneDrive, this is not enough to uninstall Microsoft’s cloud feature. Useful for system & network administrators who want disable OneDrive en masse on their fleet of Windows 8+ machines, it is possible to create a GPO. You may also want to do this operation on a Windows “Home” so an alternative method is also available.

Completely disable OneDrive / SkyDrive

With GPEDIT (Windows Professional)

1. Open the console Run (Windows + R) and type ” gpedit.msc “.

2. Unroll Computer configuration, Administrative Templates, Windows components, OneDrive (or “SkyDrive” on Windows 8 and 8.1 before Update 1).

3. Double click on the line ” Prevent the use of OneDrive for file storage “And tick” Enabled “To completely deactivate OneDrive / SkyDrive (the” prevent “function is activated).

tutorial to disable onerive gpedit msc GPO


1. Open Run (Windows + R) and type ” regedit “.

2. Unroll HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SOFTWARE Policies Microsoft Windows.

3. Make a right click on the file Windows, New, Key. Call it ” SkyDrive “.

4. Enter this new folder and on the right side of the screen, make a right click, New, 32-bit DWORD value. Call it ” DisableFileSync “.

5. Double click on this DisableFileSync and put ” 1 ” at Value data before valider by okay.

tutorial deactivate onerive regedit