Disable IPv6 of a network card on Windows 10

To solve a download or network connectivity problem, it is sometimes advisable to disable the IPv6 protocol. Concerns the Ethernet card (network cable with RJ45 connector) and Wi-Fi (wireless network), the IP protocol version 6 can be deactivated to correct a bug under Windows.

IPv6 is a network protocol that aims to replace traditional IP addresses (IPv4) and its approximately four billion different addresses. Internet Protocol version 6 is still not widespread although the majority of devices are compatible with this standard. All devices that can receive an internet or network connection are concerned: the obvious computers, smartphones, tablets, but also internet boxes, car GPS, 3D printerssmartwatches (connected watches), surveillance cameras, all home automation devices, recent televisions… Even the Thermomix and the breathing machine !

For more advanced explanations, the page Wikipedia IPv6 explains everything in detail.

This tutorial explains how disable IPv6 from Wifi or Ethernet on a Windows 10 PC. This will be particularly useful if you have a problem with install the free Microsoft Office package on W10. if you have the message “Check the Internet connection, then try again”

Disable IPv6 Protocol on Windows 10 PC

1. Open the start menu and the Settings of Windows.

Windows 10 tutorial start menu Settings Control Panel

2. Click on Network and internet :

Windows 10 network and internet settings tutorial

3. In “Change your network settings”, click on “ Change adapter options » :

Windows 10 tutorial change network adapter options

4. Double click on the active network connection : choose between Ethernet and Wifi according to what is used to have internet. In this example screenshot, we have:

  • Cellular : 3G / 4G card integrated in the computer
  • Bluetooth network connection : access by Bluetooth sharing (little used for internet)
  • ethernet : network cable connected to a box or a corporate network
  • Wireless : classic wireless network on a box or an access point (company, public hotspot, hotel, etc.)

tutorial Windows 10 Ethernet Wifi 4G Bluetooth


has. In Wifi, click on ” Properties » :

windows 10 wifi properties tutorial

b. In the list, uncheck line ” Internet Protocol version 6 (TCP/IPv6) » :

Windows 10 Wi-Fi IPv6 tutorial

vs. Validate by okay and Close.


has. For a network cable connection, find and uncheck line ” Internet Protocol version 6 (TCP/IPv6) » :

Windows 10 Ethernet IPv6 RJ45 tutorial

b. Save by clicking okay.