Denzel Washington Biography- Denzel Washington is an academy winning-actor, director, and producer best known for his roles in Glory, Malcolm X, and The Hurricane.  As an actor, he is known for his penchant for taking on challenging roles and portraying them to perfection.

He has received three Golden Globe awards, a Tony Award, and two Academy Awards.  Best Supporting Actor for the historical war drama and best actor for his role as a corrupt cop in the crime thriller Training Day.  He frequently collaborated with producer Jerry Bruckheimer and director Tony Scott.

Denzel Washington Age, Bio Net Worth, Wallpapers & Biography:

Age:63 Years
Birthday:December 28, 1954
Famous:Quotes By Denzel Washington Black Actors
Born In:Mount Vernon, New York, U.S
Height:1.85 M
Net Worth$290 Million As Of Feb 23, 2017

Denzel Washington Early Life:

Denzel Washington was born in Mount Vernon, New York.  His father Hayes Washington a native of Buckingham County, Virginia, was an ordained Pentecostal minister, and also worked for the New York City Water Department and at a local department store, S. Klein.  His mother Lennis “Lynne” was a beauty parlour owner and operator born in Georgia and partly raised in Harlem.



Denzel has two siblings.  His first took the stage around the age of seven, appearing in a talent show at his local Boys and Girls Club.  The club provided him with a safe place to be and to keep him out of trouble.  At the age of 14, his parents divorced, and his mother sent him to a private preparatory school, Oakland Military Academy in New Windsor, New York.  Later  Denzel said, that decision changed my life.

Washington went to Fordham University, but he proved to be a poor student initially.  After taking some time away from college, he returned to the university with new interest in acting and graduated with a B.A. in Drama and Journalism in 1977.  Later Washington won the scholarship to the American Conservatory Theater in in Sranfranscio and afterward worked with the Shakespeare in the park ensemble.

He realized his love for acting after working as a creative arts director at a summer camp.  He attended American Conservatory Theatre, San Francisco, for one year before returning to New York.

Denzel Washington career:

Describing his career, After appearing in some television commercials and programs, he made his feature film debut in 1981 with the comedy film ‘Carbon Copy’.  It was followed by a 1982 television movie, License to Kill.  Over the decade he appeared in many films. Denzel Washington movies include A Solider’s story (1984), Power(9186) and The Mighty Quinn(1989).  His first big success came in 1989 with the release of t of the drama he drama war film “Glory” in which he played private Sailas Trip.  He won many awards for this role.

He played the title role in “Malcolm X”(1992), a biographical motion picture directed by Spike Le.  He received an Academy award nomination for his portrayal of the Muslim African-American human right activist.  In 1995, he starred as Lieutenant Commander Ron Hunter in Crimson Tide.    The movie was wet in post-Soviet during a period of political turmoil. It received positive reviews from critics.

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His most successful Movie of the 1990s was “The Hurricane”(1999) in which he played triple homicide.  Denzel’s performance was highly appreciated and he won many awards.  One of his most memorable performance was a Detective Alonzo Harris in the Crime drama, Training day.  He played an antagonist in this movie- a role that earned him critical appreciation and numerous award.

His other memorable movies of the 2000s include “Antwone Fisher’ (2002), inside man(2006), and the great Debaters(2007).  One of his most recent films, ‘Flight”(2012), revolves around the story of a complicated character, William Whitaker, who is an airline pilot struggling with alcoholism.  Denzel was nominated for an Academy role for this role.

Denzel Washington Personal Life:

Denzel Washington married actress Pauletta Pearson in  1983, they have children.  Their oldest son, John David, was drafted in 2006 by the NFL’s St.Louis Rams.  He now plays for the Sacramento Mountain Lions in the United Football League.  Their other Children are daughter Katia and twins Olivia and Malcolm.

There were reports of the couple.  There were splitting up a few years ago due to Denzel’s cheating with other women.  However, the couple remains married to this day.

Brought up in the family of the priest, Denzel always was a very religious person.  He regularly visits Protestant Church of God in Christ, reads the Bible every day and still considers the possibility of becoming a preacher. In 1995, actor donated $2.5 million for construction of the church in Lo Angeles.

Some Facts About Denzel Washington:

  • Denzel has earned 3 Golden Globe awards, 1 Tony Award and 2 Academy Awards(Oscars) for Best Supporting Actor for his role in Glory(1989).  He also has won an award for Best Actor for Training Day.
  • In the 2016 73rd Golden Globe Awards, he was honored with the Cecil B. Demille Lifetime Achievement Award.
  • Denzel Played collegiate basketball as a guard under the coaching of P.J.Carlesimo.
  • Denzel earned an Academy Award for Best Actor for playing the black nationalist in the movie Malcolm X.
  • Washington won the Academy Award for Best Actor for his role in the Training Day, in which he played Detective Alonzo Harris, a corrupt Los Angles cop.
  • He met his wife on the sets of his first acting project Wilma.
  • Denzel Washington was one of the three people, along with directors Oliver Stone and Micheal Moore, with a home they were willing to negotiate for the release of three defence contractors.

He received three honorary doctorate degrees from Fordham University, University of Pennsylvania and More house college.  He donated US$ 250,000 to Fordham College.

Denzel Washington Filmography:

2017The Equalizer 2Robert McCall
2017Roman J Israel, Esq.Roman J. Israel
2017Chasing Trane: The John Coltrane Feature Documentary
2016The Magnificent Seven (2016)Chisolm
2014The Equalizer (2014)Robert McCall
20132 GunsRobert “Bobby” Trench
2012FlightWhip Whitaker
2012Safe HouseTobin Frost
2010The Book of EliEli
2009The Taking of Pelham 123Walter Garber
2007The Great DebatersMelvin B. Tolson
2007American GangsterFrank Lucas
2006Deja VuDoug Carlin
2006Inside ManDetective Keith Frazier
2004The Manchurian CandidateMajor Bennett Marco
2004Man on FireJohn Creasy
2003Out of TimeMatt Lee Whitlock
2002Antwone FisherDr. Jerome Davenport
2002John QJohn Q. Archibald
2001Training DayAlonzo Harris
2000Remember the TitansCoach Herman Boone
1999The HurricaneRubin “Hurricane” Carter
1999The Bone CollectorLincoln Rhyme
1998He Got GameJake Shuttlesworth
1996Courage Under FireLt. Col. Nathaniel Serling
1995Devil in a Blue DressEasy Rawlins
1995Crimson TideLt. Commander Ron Hunter
1993PhiladelphiaJoe Miller
1993The Pelican BriefGray Grantham
1993Much Ado About Nothing (1993)Don Pedro
1992Malcolm XMalcolm X
1991Mississippi MasalaDemetrius
1991RicochetNick Styles
1990Mo’ Better BluesBleek Gilliam
1989Glory (1989)Trip
1989The Mighty QuinnXavier Quinn
1987Cry FreedomStephen Biko
1986The George McKenna StoryGeorge McKenna
1984A Soldier’s StoryPfc. Peterson
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Denzel Washington Movies:

Over the course of his more than 30 years in show business, Denzel Washington has done pretty much everything- he’s played cops, lawyers, reporters, educators, and so on in box office. Denzel earning two Academy Awards and more than a billion dollars in box office grosses along the way.

Denzel Washington Courage Under Fire(1996):

In these, Washington had played a lot of cool and affable the movie’s marketing hook had more to do with Ryan’s character than Washington’s, the story is a journey wasn’t lost on critics; through Washington already has a pair of Oscar nominations to his credit, Courage motivated Robin Clifford of Reeling Reviews to note, “Denzel Washington gives as  fine a performance as I have seen him give”.

Crimson Tide(1995):

Wahington’s long and fruitful partnership with director Tony Scott kicked off with this maritime thriller, which put Wahinton in a submarine with Gene Hackman, tossed in a subplot about messy post-cole War Russian politics as well as some credited script doctoring by Quentin Tarantino- and grossed a healthy $154 million worldwide. This film was Washington third film in the box office.  It’s great to see a high-tech thriller that thrills because of its actors, not its special effects.

Denzel Washington Fences(2016):

Wahington reunited with his stage caste mate viola Davis to create a theatrical Fences that strove to preserve the original versions essence as faithfully as possible.  As many critics pointed out, the dialogue-driven results couldn’t help but feel a little small on the big screen but its talented cast- and Washington’s empathetic work behind the Camera- were more than enough to compensate for the stage bound feeling.  More importantly, it’s thoughtful, emotionally affecting look at American race relations and socio-economic conditions remained timely, despite the story’s 1950s period setting; as Robert Abele argued for The Wrap.

Denzel Washington’S Son:

John David Washington is the son of Denzel Washington.  He is very handsome and Crazy talented also.  To start with the basics, the 33-year-old is the eldest son of Academy Award-winner Denzel Washington, and he’s set to star one of the most buzzed-about movies of the year, Black Klansman.


John played football in high school and at Morehouse College.  In 2006, he was signed by the St. Louis Rams and played on their practice squad for two years.  He gave up his NFL dreams after tearing his Achilles tendon.

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HE LANDED HIS FIRST ACTING ROLE WHEN HE WAS JUST NINE YEARS OLD, John had the privilege of acting alongside his famous dad in 1992’s Malcolm X, in which he played a student in a Harlem classroom.

HE CURRENTLY WORKS WITH DWAYNE ” THE ROCK” JOHNSON, in 2015, JOHN FOUND SUCCESS in his breakout role as Ricky Jerret in Showtime’s comedy-drama, Ballers, executives produced and costarring Dwayne.

HE’S ALREADY AN Award-nominated ACTOR, John earned an NAACP nomination for an outstanding supporting actor for his role in Ballers last year.

HE PASSED OUT THE FIRST TIME HE SAW HIMSELF ON TV.  “I fainted,” he admitted in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter. ” I got like, a shortness of breath.  I couldn’t handle it”.


The best advice he ever got from Denzel is as great as you’d expect.  “Study”, he told Yahoo when asked.  “you’re always learning, you got to be a professional”.


Denzel Washington Daughter:

Facts On Katia Washington:

    1. Birthday: November 27, 1987
    2. Nationality: American
    3. Famous: American Women Female Social Media Stars
    4. Sun Sign: Sagittarius
    5. Age: 30 Years
    6. Born In: Los Angeles, California, USA
    7. Famous As: Daughter Of Denzel Washington
    8. Height: 1.65 M
    9. Father: Denzel Washington
    10. Mother: Paulette Washington
    11. Siblings: John David Washington (Brother), Malcolm Washington (Brother), Olivia Washington (Sister)
    12. City, States, Provinces & Districts: California
    13. Net Worth: $2 Million As Of Apr 4, 2016
Katia Washington is one of the four children of one of the most accomplished and celebrated Hollywood actors of the time, Denzel Washington, and his wife Paulette Washington.  Although Katia is still being primarily recognized as Denzel Washington daughter, she has worked hard to make a name for herself and is gradually working her way through various production and creative roles necessary for a career in film industry.  It cannot be denied that she may have an advantage due to her surname but at the same time us undeniable that movies are in her genes and no matter what role she puts herself into, she was destined to her success.
 She is eager to prove her worth before coming into the glaring lights of the media and that is unique of star kids who are usually accustomed and somewhat addicted to all the attention.

Denzel Washington Quotes:

He is one of Hollywood’s most beloved and respected names.  The phenomenally talented actor’s decades-long career has seen him launch from one heart-stopping role to the next.  Washington struggled through much of his schooling, falling so low in university that they suggested he “take a break”.  He didn’t instead, he pushed through, never gave up, and went on to become one of the most recognisable faces in Hollywood today.

Some more Denzel Washington Quotes:
  • Success? I don’t know what that word means.  I’m happy.  But success, that goes back to what in somebody’s eyes success means.  For me, success is inner peace. That’s a good day for me.
  • My mother used to tell me man gives the award, God gives the reward.  I don’t need another plaque.
  • Luck is where opportunity meets preparation.

Denzel Net Worth:

Describing his Net Worth, he is an American actor, Screenwriter, producer, and director who has a net worth of $220 million.  Evert year Denzel Washington earns $60-$80 million dollars.


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