Delete a Windows 8 user account

Need to delete a user session in Windows 8? The procedure is very different from the creation and also more complicated.

Delete a user from Windows 8

1. Open a Windows session with a user you want keep.

2. From the home screen, type ” panel » and open the « Control Panel » .

Windows 8 control panel

Windows 8 control panel

3. Click on the ” User accounts and protection » .

Windows 8 user account

4. Click on “ Delete user accounts » .

Windows 8 user accounts

5. Select the account you want to delete.

Windows 8 user accounts delete

6. Click on “ Delete account » .

delete user account

7. A message asks if you want to keep the documents or delete everything that belonged to your user account. To choose ” Delete files ” Where ” Keep files ” depending on the case.

tutorial delete user documents

8. To confirm deletion of the user account.

delete user session user

9. The next time the computer is restarted or logged off, the user no longer appears in the list of sessions.

Windows 8 accounts

Alternate method

1. Key Windows+R to open the Run console.

2. Type NET USER account_name /DELETE.