Delete a Tinder account

Here you are, you have found your soul mate or you are tired of hanging out on this virtual network which does not encourage you to meet people in real life. Whether you test the application out of curiosity or have met dozens of people, Tinder is a must, as evidenced by the number of installations on Android (more than 100 million). But getting rid of it, temporarily or permanently, is not necessarily easy to do. At least, you certainly want to remove all traces of your passage on the application and ensure that no one can find you on this network. If it’s only temporary, you can hide your profile from other users, until you’re single again (or not..).

This tutorial explains how delete, permanently or temporarily, a profile account on Tinder. This procedure works on Android and iPhone.

Delete your Tinder account on iPhone and Android

1.. Open the app Tinder on the phone.

2. Go to the page of your profile :

tutorial delete tinder account

3. Press « Settings » :

tutorial delete tinder account settings

4. Scroll to the very bottom of the page to find ” Delete your account » :

tutorial delete tinder account

5. Choose between “ Temporarily suspend my account ” and ” Delete my account (definitively):

tutorial delete tinder profile

6. Explain Why you want to delete your account (or press “Ignore” at the top right):

tutorial erase tinder profile account

7. Confirm again for ” Delete my account “or just” Temporarily suspend my account » :

hide tinder profile account tutorial

8. Finally, your Tindr profile is completely deleted or paused so that it no longer appears in the proposals of other Tinder members.