Delete a Demooz account

You were registered on the Demooz site in the hope of becoming an ambassador, testing products and keeping them for a pittance? Behind the advertising hides the reality and very few people manage to take advantage of this site. After the disappointment, you want to draw a line under this experience and want to delete your account on the Demooz site. It’s not complicated to do but you might as well follow this short tutorial to get there without asking any questions. Thus, there will be no more emails or newsletters from them.

This tutorial explains how to delete your Demooz account, the site that offers ambassadors to test products and give demonstrations to your loved ones. Weber connected barbecue, Asus laptop, Philips Hue connected lamps, Mario video game, Monsieur Cuisine Connect robot

Delete your Demooz account

1. Open an internet browser and go to the site

2. To log in (one last time) to your account.

3. At the top right, go to the profile picture and click on ” Account settings » :

tutorial delete Demooz account

4. In the Delete account section, click on the ” Yes, I want it » :

tutorial delete Demooz account

5. Indicate the password account to confirm identity.

tutorial delete Demooz account

6. A message indicates that the account will be deleted within 7 days. So there may still be one or another email that will be sent by then, but you won’t have to reconnect to the account if you really want to delete the Demozz account. There is also an email that is sent to “not delete my account”: do not click on the link, delete the message and it will be ancient history.