Cursor on MacBook moving randomly while typing? Fixes to try

I switched to a Mac about 3 years ago. I used Macs quite a bit in elementary school, and then again during college in our school’s computer lab, but after I graduated I bought my first MacBook. 3 years later and still at its best; I’ve never had any problem before.

Well, well, just one small problem.

Something strange was definitely going on. I was just typing, and suddenly my cursor moved to a random location on the page and all of my text moved to that part of the document. Where sections of text documents are highlighted, then they are completely erased the next time you hit the keys. This was horrific. My productivity plummeted because I couldn’t write half a blog post without it all turning into bits.

My ensuing struggle with a Mac to solve the phantom cursor puzzle took about a week of searching Mac user forums, creatively troubleshooting and asking my friends who have Macs if they’ve encountered something similar before.

Cursor on MacBook moving randomly while typing?  Fixes to Try - Mac

Does the cursor on your MacBook or MacBook Pro move every time you start typing? Maybe he can move around as he pleases? After a minute of typing, the text is randomly selected which mixes up your work.

You will probably find that you are pressing to undo anything else. It’s a huge pain because every time you sit down to work, you need to waste time fixing all the mistakes you’ve made.

No matter what happens, you can fix the random movement of the mouse pointer on your Mac thanks to the instructions below.

Step 1: Turn off Tap to Click

Cursor on MacBook moving randomly while typing?  Fixes to Try - Mac

did you run Tap to Click? This feature makes it easier to select items without clicking, but the added sensitivity means you may move your cursor whenever you touch the trackpad.

go to the قائمة Apple -> تفضيلات النظام -> لوحة التتبع and uncheck the box for Tap to Click.

If that prevents the cursor from moving randomly out of place, you may have been accidentally sticking your fingers or touching the trackpad while typing. You can choose to keep Tap to Click constraintstopOr adjust the way you type to keep the touchpad away from accidental clicks.

Step 2: Keep the trackpad clean and dry

Apple’s Magic Trackpad is arguably superior to the Magic Mouse in almost every way. However, you have to be extra careful about keeping the touch surface on the trackpad clean and dry.

Dirt, water, and even natural oils from your fingers can cause touch sensitivity issues on the trackpad. Use a microfiber cloth—slightly dampened if necessary—to keep the surface clean.

Alternatively, put some paper on the trackpad and try to use it with that. If your cursor stops moving when you do this, find a trackpad protector to use on your MacBook Pro instead.

Step 3: Check for problems with your power adapter

Cursor on MacBook moving randomly while typing?  Fixes to Try - Mac

If you are using a wireless trackpad or mouse, make sure to fully charge it or put a new set of batteries in it. Similarly, you have to connect your MacBook Pro to power and give it time to charge.

There may be a problem with your power adapter. Unplug your MacBook Pro and see if the cursor still moves randomly while typing. If that fixes the problem then the charger is most likely to blame.

You can usually confirm this is the case if your MacBook seems to vibrate while plugged into a charger. See About repairing the power adapter or replace it with an official one instead.

Step 4: Get rid of any jewelry on your hands

Your jewelry, if you wear any, is likely to cause problems with the touch surface on the trackpad. Remove any rings or bracelets you’re wearing and move them away from the trackpad on your Mac.

If you’d rather not remove your jewelry, try using a third-party mouse with your Mac instead. This allows you to keep your bejeweled hands away from the MacBook trackpad, letting you know if that’s what’s causing the random cursor movement.

If you choose to use a mouse, you may want to turn off the trackpad entirely:

  • go to the قائمة Apple -> تفضيلات النظام -> إمكانية الوصول.
  • Scroll down in the sidebar and select Pointer Control.
  • check the box Ignore the built-in trackpad When there is a mouse or wireless trackpad.

Cursor on MacBook moving randomly while typing?  Fixes to Try - Mac

Step 5: Reduce wireless interference around your Mac

Interference from multiple wireless sources can cause issues with the accuracy of your MacBook trackpad. This may be the reason why the cursor is scrolling as you type.

Follow the steps below to reduce the various causes of wireless interference:

  • Disconnect the Bluetooth devices near your Mac. If you’re using a wireless trackpad, keep it connected and move it close to your Mac.
  • Move your Mac away from microwave ovens, power cables, wireless lights and cameras, cordless phones, and other potential sources of wireless interference.
  • Unplug each accessory from your Mac, and be sure to use shielded USB 3 cables for whatever is connected.

Step 6: Boot into Safe Mode to test third-party apps

Cursor on MacBook moving randomly while typing?  Fixes to Try - Mac

Safe mode runs various troubleshooting tests on your Mac to help solve problems. When you boot your Mac into safe mode, it also erases specific cache system and reduce the number of third-party apps that start at login.

To boot into safe mode, shut down your Mac, then hold down the key Shift while running it again. From the login screen, your Mac should say “for safe bootIn red text.

If the cursor stops moving while typing in safe mode, restart your MacBook again and gradually uninstall third-party apps until you fix the problem.

Step 7: Contact Apple for a physical repair

There may be an actual issue with your Mac causing the cursor to move while typing. Sometimes this is an issue with the trackpad itself, but it can also be a battery issue.

On most MacBooks, Apple installs the battery directly under the trackpad. As the battery ages, it can swell and put pressure on the trackpad. Check your MacBook for signs that the battery is swollen, such as poor battery life.

If you think your battery is swollen, don’t try to replace it yourself! Damaging it may cause a fire or release of toxic gases. Send your MacBook to a repair center for a professional repair from Apple or an authorized service provider instead.

Try custom trackpad troubleshooting tips

We’ve covered some tips for when your Mac’s mouse pointer moves randomly. However, we also considered what to do if the trackpad on your MacBook does not work. Take a look at these tips if you’re still having trouble.

This guide includes tips such as updating to the latest version of macOS, adjusting trackpad settings, and deleting corrupted system files.

Use Force Touch to do more on your trackpad

Your productivity is sure to soar after knowing how to prevent the MacBook Pro cursor from jumping all over the place while typing. There are plenty of other ways to increase productivity as well.

If your MacBook was released after 2015, you must know the most useful Force Touch gestures that you can use on your Mac trackpad. You can use it to search for drivers, peek at various web links, and add gradients to the image with one click.

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