Cura: translate the software into French

Owner of a 3D printer, you use or wish to use the Cura software to slice your prints. Ultimaker software is a benchmark and has been translated into different languages ​​to be understandable by the majority of users around the world. No need to have an Ultimaker 3D printer, Cura is also compatible with other machines from third-party manufacturers, which reinforces its interest. The open source software, acquired by the Dutch company, continues to evolve and offer new features.

This tutorial explains how translate Ultimaker Cura software into French, being configured in English by default even if it is installed on a French language operating system.

Configure Ultimaker Cura in French

1. Open the Cura software.

2. Open menu Preferences, Configure Cura.

Cura tutorial translate french

3. On the tab General, find Interface with Language to change the language from the drop-down menu. Select the ” French ” in the list.

Cura tutorial translate french

4. Validate with ” Close“, close the application and reopen Cura to see it translated into French.

Cura tutorial translate french