create a group managed by a page

You already have a page Facebook which works well but you also want a group to create a space for exchange between members? While the page is generally a showcase where the administrator publishes links, photos, texts, the Facebook group is used to give users the opportunity to ask questions, participate, ask for help. The FB group is a kind of forum on Facebook.

To formalize the Facebook group as belonging to a FB page, it is cleaner to create this group under the name of the page (of the company, of the game, of the association, etc.) rather than under the personal name of the admin. This tutorial explains how create a Facebook group under the name of a FB page. The group and the community will be managed by the Facebook page, so the page admins will be able to manage the group.

A Facebook page can administer up to 200 groups. These groups are listed on the FB page. There are many options to make members interact between groups and invite them to join a new FB group associated with the FB page.

Create a group administered by a Facebook page

1. From a computer, open a web browser and go to the Facebook site.

2. Go to the FB page of which you are the administrator (example the Windows FacebookEasy).

3. In the menu below the cover photo, click on Groups ” Or on ” More ” to bring up ” Groups » :

4. Click on “ Create an associated group to open a new FB group. If the group already exists, click on “Associate a group”:

5. Fill in the ” Name of the group to easily identify it and for Internet users to find it easily. Also indicate the confidentiality of the group: Private or Publicto define whether the conversations will be reserved for the members of the group only (private) or for any Internet user who is or is not part of the group (public).

Click on the blue button ” Create » at the bottom left of the screen to validate the registration of the new FB group.

6. Once created, there are a few actions to take. In the left menu, go to ” Group settings ” to indicate :

  • Description : give details to complete the name of the group, for example “Support group on Windows 11 for computer and tablet”
  • Web address : we can give a Specific URL to FB group to make it cleaner and easier to read
  • Group color : page background color
  • Badges : to reward members who participate a lot in the life of the group
  • Group type : specify if it will be used to buy / sell, talk about video games, offer job offers, etc.

The “Added to group” options are less essential to adjust.

In the section ” Manage Memberships » :

  • Who can join the group : person profile only, or also a page that comes to participate in the group
  • Who can approve membership requests : if members can add each other (it is recommended to only let administrators and moderators take care of this, to avoid spam)
  • Pre-Approved Memberships : if the page also manages other groups

In ” Manage discussions » : who can publish, authorize modifications, etc.

7. The Facebook group managed by the associated Facebook page is now online with the security and settings configured. All you have to do is invite Internet users and make them interact on this new exchange space.