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Redo Backup and Recovery is a complete software that allows create a backup of a disk and its partitions like Windows System Image Backup, but with additional functionality. If you want clone your entire hard drive / SSD in an easily recoverable backup image on any PC, you will fall in love with Redo Backup and Recovery !

Important: the last version official of Redo Backup and Recovery (1.0.4, 11/20/2012) does not work with UEFI systems. If you are using an UEFI system, then you have two solutions :

In this tutorial, this is the unofficial version of Redo Backup and Recovery, based on Ubuntu 16.04 and UEFI compatible, which we will be using.

Compared to Windows System Image Backup, Redo Backup and Recovery has some significant advantages:

  • Works with Windows operating systems and GNU / Linux.
  • No installation, all you have to do is start your PC on the USB key or the CD containing Redo B&R.
  • Indispensable if you are sure Windows XP since the latter does not have the System Image Backup tool that first appeared on Windows Vista.
  • Clear and ergonomic interface, very easy to use.

Are you convinced by Redo Backup? So let’s get started with this tutorial without further ado!

Create a disk image

  1. Download the ISO of Redo Backup and Recovery.
  2. Burn ISO to CD Where flash the ISO on a USB stick using Rufus software.
  3. Start your computer on the USB stick or CD containing Redo Backup and Recovery.
  4. Start Redo Backup and Recovery by selecting RedoBackup startup.
    You can also check the integrity of the USB stick / CD with Disc control to be sure that there are no errors and that Redo Backup will work correctly.
  5. Click on To safeguard.
  6. Select the source disc, the one you want create a backup image.
  7. Choose the partitions at to safeguard.
    Warning: if you have a UEFI system and you want to create a backup image of the disk where Windows is installed, uncheck the box corresponding to the MSR partition (Microsoft Reserved Partition) of 16MB to exclude it from the backup, otherwise the creation of the image will crash.
  8. Select the destination disk on which you want save backup image, which will contain the partitions you selected.
  9. Select the directory where the backup image will be saved.
  10. Give the backup image a name. Choose a meaningful name that contains, for example, the date you are backing up.
  11. The backing up partitions of your disk begins! This takes more or less time depending on the volume of data to be backed up and the performance of the system.
  12. Restart Where shut down your computer by clicking the button Power at the bottom right.

There you have it correctly create a backup image of a disk and its partitions with Redo Backup and Recovery 🙂 In the next article we will see how restore this backup image, always with Redo B&R:

Restore a disk image with Redo Backup and Recovery

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