Coronacheck: add a booster shot to your iPhone (and create a vaccination certificate)

Have you been pricked yet? If you have just had the booster shot, you still have to add it yourself in the coronacheck app on your iPhone. How exactly do you do that? iPhoned your hair out!

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CoronaCheck: add booster shot

After you have had a booster shot, you are not ready yet, because you still have to process this yourself in your CoronaCheck app on your iPhone. Unfortunately, this is not automatic, but don’t worry: we’ll explain exactly how it’s done. Please note: you usually have to wait 24 hours until after your shot to process the booster shot in the CoronaCheck app.

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While creating the proof, you must log in with your DigiD. Don’t have a DigiD yet? Or has your DigiD expired? Then you have to create a new one. You can read how to do this on the website of the national government.

CoronaCheck: add booster shot to your iPhone

  1. Open the CoronaCheck app and tap the plus sign at the top right;
  2. Choose ‘Vaccination proof’ and then log in with your DigiD;
  3. Check whether the booster is in the list of data;
  4. Then tap on ‘Create proof’.

Your special QR code (with booster shot) has now been created in the CoronaCheck app. Tap ‘View QR’ to view your corona ticket in the app. At the top of the screen under ‘My proofs’ you will see the options ‘Netherlands’ and ‘International’. By default, the option is set to the Netherlands.

Are you going to fly or travel abroad? Then you need the international QR code. Tap “International” at the top. Then, with a tap on ‘View QR’, you create an international proof.



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Video: creating a qr code in the CoronaCheck app

Do you need some more help? Check out our video, because in it we explain step-by-step how to add your first vaccination(s) to CoronaCheck. The same step-by-step plan can also be followed for adding the booster shot in the CoronaCheck app.

CoronaCheck app: this is how you make your personal QR code

CoronaCheck: making vaccination proof is not possible?

It may happen that it is not possible to create a QR code in CoronaCheck. Usually this is because it is too busy. All you can do in that case is try again later.

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Making a corona vaccination certificate without a smartphone

You do not necessarily need a smartphone to make a corona vaccination certificate. You can print a QR code via the CoronaCheck website. Just like with the digital version, you must show this version at the entrance of an event, restaurant or cinema (in combination with your proof of identity).