Cool… Researchers have made the world’s first OLED screen using just a 3D printer.

A group of researchers from the University of Minnesota, USA, has announced the world’s first full-scale 3D-printed flexible OLED screen. Chasing from the part of the electrode connector sector as well as the encapsulation process It combines a 6-layer printing process with a mode switch from the original printer to create an active light-emitting layer by spraying it over one more layer.

The 3D printer used to produce the OLED screen is a custom printer that costs about the same as Tesla’s Model S, according to Michael McAlpine, associate professor of mechanical engineering at the university.

The prototype OLED screen has a resolution of 64 pixels on a 1.5-inch size and remains perfectly consistent across the board even after 2000+ bending times, demonstrating its durability in real-world applications. Initially a small electronic or wearable device.

for the next goal The researchers want to produce OLED screens with 3D printers with higher brightness and higher resolution. 1080p or Full HD resolution requires approximately 2 million total pixels, which is 32400 times what is currently produced, which if successful could result in OLED panels being cheaper on the market and being taken down. to be used more widely on many devices

source: CSE