Convert Audio CD to MP3 Files (Free)

Almost the majority of recent phones, tablets and cars can read MP3 files. Fortunately, because it is impossible to carry your CD-library of several hundred discs with you when you go on a trip!

We will thus see how to easily convert CD album to MP3 files and this without having to install any additional software to Windows. We are simply using a little-known function of the Media Player software, which comes originally with all versions of Windows (10, 8.1, 8, 7…). does not encourage pirating, the conversion just allows you to listen to your music on other media than a CD player. Obviously you have the CD you want to copy in digital MP3 format.

Opening the CD with Windows Media Player

1) Insert audio CD in the CD, DVD or Blu-Ray drive of your Windows computer.

2) From the Start menu (Windows 7 and 10) or on the home screen (Windows 8), to researchWindows Media “:

Windows Media Search

3) Once Windows Media Player opens, select CD player to convert:

Windows media selection cd player

The list of songs appears:

Windows Media CD Songs


Once the CD is opened in Windows Media Player, you can configure several conversion settings.

Click on the button ” Extraction parameters “:

Extraction parameters


By default, Windows Media Player will choose Microsoft’s format: WMA (Windows Media Audio). We recommend choosing the MP3 format, this is quite simply the most used format and is compatible with the majority of audio players:

MP3 format extraction

Audio quality

Quality is a setting that should not be overlooked. By default, Windows Media Player chooses the minimum quality: 128kb / s. This value results in an MP3 file of reasonable size but the quality will be degraded. When listening at high volume, this quality will be insufficient.

We will choose the maximum quality offered by Windows Media: 320kbit / s. Otherwise, a good compromise is to choose 192Kbits / s.

Windows Media MP3 quality 320Kbit / s

Convert CD to MP3

Once the settings are complete, all you have to do is click on ” Rip the CD “:

Windows Media Rip CD

The files will be converted and saved, by default, in the ” Music ” of your ” Library “:

Windows Media Ripping

extraction in library

Once ripping is complete, the “Rip CD” button will be grayed out and all lines will be in the “Checked out to library” state.

Windows Media rip CD greyed out disabled

Access MP3 files

1) Open the file explorer and go to the library ” Music “:

Explorer music library files

2) A directory has been created with the name of the artist, in this example “Stromae”:

music album extract

As expected, we find our album in MP3 format:

album CD extract

In this example, the extracted album is 104 Mb with the quality 320 Kbit / s.

It is now possible to copy the album to your smartphone, your tablet, your iPod, copy it to a USB key for the car radio or simply listen to it on your computer and store the CD in its box, on the living room shelf.

Stromae album