Consulate of Mexico in Austin Tx

Telephone of the Mexican consulate in Austin, Texas

Call to Phone number of the Mexican Consulate in Austin, Texas to receive information about procedures, appointments, car permits, passport requirements, schedules and more.

Below you will find the contact telephone numbers for appointment information, schedules, tours, passport, natural paradises, theme parks, prices, tickets, location, address, complaints/claims, questions, requests and others.

Phone number of the Mexican Consulate in Austin Tx

If you want to contact the Mexican Consulate in Austin, the contact phone number is +1 512-478-2866, for country information, tours, passport, permits, locations. Served in English and Spanish.

  • Main Office Address: 5202 E Ben White Blvd #150, Austin, TX 78741, United States
  • Fax: (+1) 972-986-5333
  • Hours of the Mexican Consulate in Austin: Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Telephone of the Mexican consulate in Austin for appointments

The Mexican consulate number in Austin dating phone is +1 512-478-2866, by email [email protected], or on the website of the consulate. To make an appointment online with the Consulate of Mexico in Austin, the person needs an email and visit the page, choose “Austin” and answer the relevant questions. In this dating service you can manage passports and other documents.

Mobile Consulate of Mexico in Austin

Those interested should enter the portal, there they should look for the option of mobile consulates and schedule an appointment in the city and on the date that best suits them.

Mexican Consulate in Austin car permits

You can access the following electronic link to schedule your appointment: The system is simple and secure and will allow you to get an appointment quickly and for free. Please do not let intermediaries or managers deceive you and make you think that appointments have a cost.

Appointments are no longer granted by phone, but exclusively through the internet link indicated above.

Another alternative to obtain your temporary import permit without having to appear at the Consulate by appointment is to use the Banjercito service for the processing of permits via the internet, which allows you to obtain the document from the comfort of your home at a cost even lower ($45 instead of $51).

Once you fill in the fields requested by the system and pay the permit online, the system will generate it automatically and you can print it. The permit will have bar codes and security locks printed on it that will allow Mexican authorities to confirm its validity when you show it to them when crossing the border.

Please access the following electronic link to process your permit via the internet: Likewise, if you have doubts about how to carry out your procedure online, we recommend you consult the following video tutorial where they will explain step by step the procedure to carry out your procedure.

Requirements for the Mexican passport at the Austin consulate

The Representation may only register as Mexicans by birth:

  • Born abroad, child of Mexican parents born in national territory, or of a Mexican father or mother born in national territory.
  • Born abroad, child of Mexican parents by naturalization, of a Mexican father or mother by naturalization, when the birth abroad occurred at a later date or the naturalization of the parents or father or mother.
  • Those born in national territory children of Mexican or foreign parents who have not been registered in Mexico. In these cases, parents are required to go to the Consulate General for an interview.

It is required to make a first appointment per person to register and call MEXITEL on the phone 1 (877) 639-4835 or online (

Once the procedure is authorized, personnel from the Consulate General of Mexico will contact the interested parties to schedule the second appointment in which the registration will take place. The parents, the registrants and the two witnesses must appear at this appointment.

The birth registration does not charge fees and the first birth certificate is free, additional certified copies will cost $14.00 dollars each.

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