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You are often traveling in France or abroad and you need a decent internet connection? You are going To go on holiday and you absolutely need a stable internet connection or you will lose your mind? 😱

So a 4G USB stick is here perfect solution to have Internet wherever you are with your laptop. 🙌

The advantages of a 4G USB key compared to a smartphone’s Wi-Fi access point? First, its ease of use, no configuration is required: you plug in your 4G USB key and you immediately have Internet access. Also, a 4G USB key does not have no battery and also only needs to be powered by a USB port on your PC, unlike tethering of a smartphone which drains the battery at high speed. And finally, the network reception is better to a smartphone!

In this tutorial, I explain how install a 4G USB stick very simply to give you the freedom tohave internet all over the world. 🕊


  • a 4G mobile plan. I recommend the Free package of Free mobile with unlimited Internet in 4G / 4G + (100 GB for non-Freebox subscribers) for € 15.99 / month (€ 19.99 / month for non-Freebox subscribers). The Free plan is without engagement and its price never changes. You do not need to juggle the length of engagement and the promotional offers offered by other operators (RED, B & You and SOSH to name a few). And this is the package that the largest internet envelope of the market to be used in France and abroad.
  • A 4G USB stick. I recommend the Huawei E3372 4G USB stick, undoubtedly the best quality / price ratio for a 4G USB key. It is available at € 49.09 on Amazon.
    Huawei E3372 4G USB stick

Huawei E3372 4G USB stick; specifications

  • Frequency bands :
    • LTE FDD (4G): 800/900/1800/2100/2600
    • UMTS (3G): 900/2100
    • GSM: 850/900/1800/1900
  • Data transfer speed :
    • LTE FDD: 150 Mb / s (DL), 50 Mb / s (UP)
    • DC-HSPA +: 42 Mb / s (DL), 5.76 Mb / s (UP)
    • HSPA +: 21 Mb / s (DL), 5.76 Mb / s (UP)
    • HSDPA: 14 Mb / s (DL), 5.76 Mb / s (UP)
    • HSUPA: 7.2 Mb / s (DL), 5.76 Mb / s (UP)
    • 2G / EDGE: 236.8 Kb / s (DL)
  • Works on all networks
  • MicroSD slot
  • Compatible operating systems: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10 and Mac OS X
  • Interface: USB 2.0 Type A
  • External antenna: 2 x TS-5
  • 2T2R MIMO technology
  • Dimensions: 88 x 28 x 11.5 mm
  • Weight: 35 grams
  • Price : € 49.09 on Amazon

For more information: http://consumer.huawei.com/en/mobile-broadband/e3372/specs/.

Installing the SIM card in the Huawei 4G USB stick

3G or 4G plan mandatory

Before you start, don’t forget to subscribe to a 3G or 4G mobile offer with a substantial Internet envelope like the Free package of Free mobile with its 100 GB of data (unlimited for Freebox subscribers). For more information: subscribe to the unlimited 4G package of Free mobile in 5 minutes.

We’re going install our SIM card in our Huawei 4G USB stick:

  1. Take the SIM card holder that was sent to you by mail and detach the SIM card from its holder.
  2. Take the Huawei 4G USB stick and slide the cover to access the SIM card compartment.
  3. Place the SIM card in the SIM card slot with the chip facing down.
  4. Close the cover.

Excellent! 😎 Now let’s move on to configuration of our Huawei 4G USB key!

Configuring the Huawei 4G USB key

We just have to configure Huawei 4G USB stick on Windows and to us the bandwidth:

  1. Disconnect from your Wi-Fi network on your PC and insert your Huawei 4G USB stick into a USB port on your PC.
  2. Run the file AutoRun.exe via Windows Autoplay or via File Explorer.
    The Huawei 4G USB dongle is now installed.
  3. Go to theconfiguration interface Huawei 4G USB Flash Drive by opening a web browser window at the following address:

    Bug on Windows 10 v1709 and later

    On Windows 10 v1709 and later, there is an IP configuration issue with some network devices.

    If you cannot access the configuration interface of the Huawei 4G USB key via you will have to manually configure the IP address of the network connection :

    1. Open them Network connections by entering ncpa.cpl in the Run command.
    2. Right click on the device connection Remote NDIS based Internet Sharing Device and select Properties.
    3. Select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP / IPv4) and click on Properties.
    4. Enter the following info:
      Adresse IP :
      Masque de sous-réseau :
      Passerelle par défaut :
      Serveur DNS préféré :

    5. Close the various windows then wait a few seconds. The connection to the Huawei 4G USB key is now effective.
  4. Enter the PIN code of your SIM card then click on To apply. For more comfort, you can choose to disable PIN code verification, which saves you having to enter it each time you log in.
  5. Wait a few seconds and you will be connected to the Internet via the 4G network of your mobile operator ! To you the joys of very high speed Internet wherever you are on the planet 😎

For fun, make a flow test via nPerf and enjoy your new bandwidth! 😜

For my part, I went from a downstream speed of 5 Mb / s and an upward speed of 1 Mb / s with my ADSL connection to a 50 Mb / s downstream speed and to a upstream speed 15 Mb / s with the Huawei 4G USB stick. 🏄

Believe me, it changes a man! 😜

Go further : let your whole home enjoy this new LTE connection by simply creating a 4G box with your Huawei E3372 dongle: create a 4G box with the Huawei E3372 dongle.

Huawei E3372 4G USB flash drive indicator light

The LED indicates the status of the 4G USB key:

  • Green, blinks twice every 2s : the USB key is activated.
  • Green, flashes once every 0.2s : the software of the USB key is updated.
  • Green, flashes once every 2s : the USB key connects to a 2G network.
  • Blue, flashes once every 2s : the USB key connects to a 3G / 3G + network.
  • Cyan, flashes once every 2s : the USB key connects to an LTE network.
  • Green, steady : the USB key is connected to a 2G network.
  • Blue, steady : the USB key is connected to a 3G network.
  • Cyan, fixed : the USB key is connected to a 3G + / LTE network.
  • Off : the USB key is removed.

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