Connect local account to a Microsoft account

If you use a local account in Windows 11, you can link this local account to a Microsoft account. A Microsoft account offers benefits for multiple services that Microsoft offers.

For example, it is easier to transfer a Windows license between different computers. A Microsoft account also gives you access to a wide range of services and tools, such as tools that allow you to create, store, and edit documents, videos, images, and other files. But also social tools that allow you to communicate via email and chat, and share and collaborate on stored files online.

Users with an account can sign in to a large number of services and apps with one account, but the greatest force is probably in use in conjunction with Windows.

Linking a local account with a Microsoft account makes using Microsoft services a lot easier. This is how it works.

Connect local account to a Microsoft account in Windows 11

Log in with your local user account in Windows. Then right-click the Start button. Click Settings on the menu. Click on Accounts on the left and then on Your info.

Click the “Sign in with a Microsoft account” link below.

Sign in with your Microsoft account

Enter the login information from your Microsoft account to sign in.

Sign up

If you have successfully logged in, you will need to enter your local account password. This is your current Windows password.

Enter current windows password

There you have to create a PIN via Windows hello. Click Next.

Create pin code

Enter a PIN to log in to Windows from now on. Then click Next.

Set PIN code

If you have done the above, then the local account in Windows has been replaced by a Microsoft one. Both accounts are now linked and you can sign in to Windows using your Microsoft account login and PIN.

I hope you have helped with this. Thanks for reading!

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