Connect Chromecast to WiFi: this is how you do it

You just got a new Google Chromecast that you want to use as soon as possible. In this article you can read everything about connecting your Chromecast to WiFi. Fortunately, this can be done within a few minutes, provided you have all the necessary data at hand and have the right app on your smartphone or tablet.

If you’re buying a Google Chromecast now, it’s probably a third-generation Chromecast, a Chromecast Ultra, or a Chromecast with Google TV. To install such a Chromecast, you need the Google Home app on your smartphone (for Android or iOS).

The preparations

Connecting your Chromecast to WiFi only works if you meet a number of requirements. So of course you need the device and the aforementioned app. Make sure you install the most recent version. You also need a Google account, otherwise the link will not work.

Chromecast Ultra
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You connect the Chromecast to a target device, such as a television. You also need a source device. That is the same smartphone on which you also install the Home app. This source device must support 5GHz networks, so check if it has it.

In addition, there are some minimum system requirements for the mobile device you want to come from cast. You also need an internet connection and access to your local network. So make sure you have your network information (network name and password) to hand.

Chromecast V3
Chromecast with Google TV

Connect Chromecast to Wi-Fi

Connecting the Chromecast to Wi-Fi is actually very easy. After following this step-by-step plan, you can also start casting. If you have a Chromecast Ultra, you can also connect it to the internet via an Ethernet cable. The plug adapter has an opening for such a cable, so you don’t need WiFi.

The HDMI cable goes into the TV and the plug goes into the socket (and into the Chromecast).

Download and open the Google Home app

With the Google Home app you will connect in the following steps. Here are the links for Android and iOS

Make sure your smartphone/tablet and Chromecast are on the same network (IMPORTANT)

We can’t emphasize it enough: make sure the Chromecast and your source device (your smartphone or tablet) are on the same WiFi network. Otherwise, both devices will not find each other.

Press the plus (+) sign in the Google Home app

After opening the Google Home app, press the plus sign on the screen. You’ll find it at the top left.

Now select Set up device

Choose ‘Set up device’ in the Google Home app

Then tap on new device

Select here for ‘new device’

Follow the steps on your smartphone/tablet and TV

The next steps on the smartphone/tablet and TV are fairly self-explanatory. Finish the wizard.

The Google Home app will notify you if everything was successful

The Google Home app will notify you when everything is ready and you can start casting happily!

Looking for a more interactive guide? Then you can go to the Google website.

Connect Chromecast to Wi-Fi
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Problems connecting?

Connecting your Chromecast to Wi-Fi can cause problems. Don’t worry, that’s not the end of the world. It is and remains smart equipment that depends on all kinds of factors, but fortunately there are some general actions you can take to solve the problems.

  • You can restart the Chromecast by unplugging it and waiting thirty seconds.
  • You can also disconnect the router from the power for a while, also wait thirty seconds and provide the device with power again.
  • Factory resetting your Chromecast is also an option.

If the problems are not solved by then, there are two more things you can do. Either you look for help on the internet, through forums and the like, or you contact Google’s support department.

After installing

After setting up the WiFi connection, you can immediately start casting. Casting is the principle of sending content from one device to another. The source device sends a movie, series, documentary, song or a photo and the source device displays that content neatly.

Casting is part of the Google Cast platform. A lot apps and devices support Google Cast. Don’t just think of smartphones, tablets and televisions, but also smart speakers, soundbars and media players. Many major players in the streaming market also offer support.

what is casting
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And we mean players in the video and audio market. Then think about Netflix, Disney+, NPO, Amazon Prime VIdeo and other major video streaming services of the moment. And otherwise, of course, you have Spotify as the largest music streaming service, as well as Deezer and Soundcloud.

If you start from scratch, you will of course have to install the Chromecast. If you want to change the WiFi network later, you can do that too.

Image: Wesley Akkerman