How to find Comcast Xfinity router login and change wifi password

A wireless router is the router and also includes the function of a wireless access point. This wireless router is used to provide access to the internet and a Computer network.

There are many manufacturers of this wireless router and are available in different models. It can be set up as LAN and also some work on wireless. A router is a device which connects the networks together. If we take home, a router permits different computers, laptops, and many other devices.

Comcast Xfinity router login
Comcast Xfinity router login

In the home, a wireless router is a combination device. It has a router to interface with the modem. It has a switch to permit more than one device to associate with the router. Along with all this, it also has a wireless master which allows the devices to associate with the switch utilizing WiFi.

A gateway router sits between the WAN and LAN and provides NAT (Network Address Translation) providing a security network.

How secure is Comcast Xfinity router login Setup?

Comcast actually makes your wifi fast, fun and makes it safe for you to use. Whenever you sign in, the Comcast Xfinity WiFi helps you to protect the privacy and safety by providing 128-bit encryption on your sign-in page.

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Way to connect to XFINITY WiFi LOGIN

Download the XFINITY WiFi windows connection manager for the best WiFi experience. The application will automatically connect to the XFINITY WiFi and gives you access to the XFINITY security features.

Comcast Xfinity router login
Comcast Xfinity router login


  • Firstly, click on the windows icon. In the taskbar go to windows menu and select
  • Now select Network & Internet in the setting menu. Click on WiFi to get the list of networks available. (SSIDs)
  • Xfinitywifi has to be selected from the list of available networks. There will be a prompt that you are using an unsecured wireless network. Select
  • It may take some time for the computer to acquire the IP address from the

xfinitywifi login pge

  • The status will get displayed as This implies that the Xfinity wifi network is connected.
  • Once you are connected to the Xfinity wifi, launch the web browser and it will take you to the xfinitywifi login page.
  • Now enter the XFINITY email or username and password.
  • Next, enter the friendly name for the device you are signing in. At last click Sign In.
  • After successfully sign in with the network, you will be taken to the XFINITY WiFi home page.

Setup a secure connection for your Comcast Xfinity router login for Android device

  • Select settings > WiFi > select “XFINITY”.
  • In the network setting,
  • Enter ‘TTLS’ for EAP method.
  • Enter ‘GTC’ as your phase 2 authentication.
  • Now enter the Comcast username and password for your identity.
  • Click ‘Connect’.
  • Later, re-enter Comcast username or password. There is an option where you can change the name of the device.
  • Lastly, click ‘Google Play’, download and install the application for a secure connection.
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Setup a secure connection Comcast Xfinity router login For OSX device

  • Select settings > WiFi > select “XFINITY”.
  • Now enter the Comcast username and password to join.
  • Later, re-enter Comcast username or password. There is an option where you can change the name of the device.
  • Finally, follow the prompts which will be displayed on the screen to install the profile.

If you arent using XFINITY Internet customers, there is a chance of accessing for XFINITY WiFi hotspots. Follow are the ways to connect to the hotspots:

Limited complimentary trial: At select XFINITY WiFi hotspot locations, you will be allowed to try XFINITY WiFi for free on a limited seat.

XFINITY WiFi on Demand Pass: You can use XFINITY WiFi for an hour, two hours, or a month on purchasing WiFi on Demand Pass. This will only be available at select hotspot locations.

Featured hotspots: The featured hotspots will be marked with special icons on the hotspot locator map online and in the XFINITY WiFi app. These featured hotspots provide complimentary XFINITY WiFi access to you.

Why is there an XFINITY WiFi notification?

You will be getting the notification from the Xfinity WiFi. This notification tells you that you are successfully connected. By connecting to the Xfinity WiFi you will be able to conserve usage on your wireless data plans and also enjoy the fastest hotspots in the nation. If you are connected to the hotspots or the WiFi, this notification will always remind you that you are connected with the safer and the trusted network. This will automatically connect to this network.

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If you face any problems in connecting the Xfinity WiFi, make sure you are in the range of the proper network. If you having an Android device, make sure you have downloaded the latest version of Xfinity WiFi to avoid errors. If still there is a problem in connecting to the Xfinity WiFi contact the Customer Support Center at 1-800-XFINITY and also select the high-speed internet service option.

Finally, the devices can be managed by the primary or the secondary account holder with Bill Pay privileges. Four devices can be able to register with XFINITY WiFi at one time. For the best and most secure experience, the device must be at least:

  • iOS 7.0 or higher
  • iPhone: 3GS and above
  • iPad: 2nd generation and above
  • iPod Touch: 3rd generation and above
  • Android 4.4 or higher
  • Windows 7 or above.

This was everything, in and out of what, how does Xfinity Wifi work. Hope this information will help you to get to know about it and use the networks in a safer way.

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