Cloudwise on Chromebooks: everything you need to know

It’s no secret that Chromebooks are often used in education. After all, they are easy to use laptops that – despite a number of limitations – can be widely used in the classroom. A popular educational platform for education is that of Cloudwise. But does Cloudwise work on Chromebooks?

What is Cloudwise?

We cannot ignore it: ICT is becoming more important in the classroom and is fulfilling a large, important part in education in general. In the past, it was mainly the desktops with Windows that were well represented in education and we also see that the iPad is increasingly present. But the Chromebook is in many cases an easy option for schools.

Chromebooks often use Cloudwise’s program, called Cool. This is an online learning platform that enables students and pupils to access online teaching materials.

They only need to log in once. In the meantime, the platform also offers advantages for teachers, because they can monitor the overview.

The abbreviation Cool stands for Cloudwise Online Education Learning Platform. The great thing about this platform is that with one account, students get access to almost all the teaching materials they need. This also applies to applications from publishers and other educational materials.

Cloudwise on Chromebook
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Log in and work

Logging in is done by clicking on a series of self-selected pictures. This way, students don’t have to remember complicated passwords. They also do not have to copy sums in their own notebook, for example, and they can fully concentrate on the task at hand: namely solving sums and completing other tasks.

This saves students a lot of time, which can then be put back into education. The teacher maintains an overview via Cloudwise in various ways. For example, by preparing the work for the next lesson. Students can also submit their work completely digitally, which makes marking a lot easier and faster.

Discount on Office 365 for Chromebook

You can also count on links with the most common software packages from education, such as; G Suite from Google, Office 365 from Microsoft, ParnasSys, Esis, and Basispoort. This also makes the program flexible. As a school, you decide which applications and methods you use. Moreover, everything is stored in the cloud, so that students and colleagues can work together much better on the same assignments, lessons and modules.

In times of working from home and studying at home, it is good to have such alternatives at your disposal. In this way you can still provide a large part of the education that children so need.

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For IT professionals

The management of such platforms is not entirely unimportant. How much effort does it take to maintain a learning platform like Cloudwise’s? That is not so bad in this case, again because of the cloud. As an ICT specialist at a school, you do not have to maintain any servers.

For example, there is an administration system with which accounts can be created, with the support of ParnaSys for example. This in turn is a pupil administration and tracking system (pupil development system) for primary schools in the Netherlands. Accounts are therefore almost always up-to-date.

Cloudwise on Chromebook
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You can also choose to let everyone sign in with a Google account. Handy, since you also need one for the Chromebook, regardless of the brand you get as a school. An alternative is Office 365: you can also use those accounts with Cloudwise. In addition, a program such as CITO LOVS is being further digitized so that it can be integrated with Cool. With that program from CITO you get access to directly processable tests.

Why Cloudwise on Chromebook?

Why is the Chromebook an ideal partner for a program like Cloudwise Online Education Learning Platform? This has to do with three aspects. Aspects inherent in Chrome OS software and Chromebook hardware, regardless of manufacturer.

  1. Chromebooks are fast. They start up quickly and waiting for updates is actually unnecessary.
  2. It Chrome OS works intuitively and students quickly master the system.
  3. The system is always up-to-date, as everything is updated automatically.

So you can concentrate well on education. Another reason is that Chromebooks are incredibly affordable. Of course you can spend hundreds of euros on excellent hardware, but that is really not a requirement.

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Especially compared to traditional laptops, the Chromebook is accessible and affordable. And that is important for education, where money is often short. Another advantage of Cloudwise on Chromebooks in general is that the systems are automatically updated, so as a system administrator you don’t have to worry about this.

Cloudwise on Chromebook
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Chrome Education Upgrade

You do need a so-called Chrome Education Upgrade for this. Only then will updates be made automatically. In addition, it is possible that you create a large group of Chromebooks, in which you bundle and manage the hardware and users in a central place. This can be managed via the web management console and can be used for groups, apps, startup, network and access.

The Chrome Education Upgrade is unfortunately not free and costs 34 euros, excluding VAT. You can visit the Cloudwise website for all the benefits of the software. You can use the software in primary and secondary education.

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Image: Cloudwise / (capture) | Cloudwise