Close the lid of a laptop and put it into hibernation

When you move regularly, you always take your laptop with you, it is constraining to have to shut down Windows each time and therefore close all open software and documents. And it is good to confirm that simply putting your computer to sleep is not enough to transport your computer without risk. Indeed, the machine remains powered and the electronic elements such as the hard drive remain on. There is therefore a high risk of causing a breakdown or failure. This was especially the case with mechanical hard drives (HDDs) but it is still not recommended to carry a single standby computer.

A little known method but which solves this problem: hibernation. A hibernation status where all the components are stopped, but a very quick awakening (a few seconds) and we find all our programs, documents, internet tabs in the same state as before going to sleep extension of the computer.

This tutorial explains how add hibernate option to windows 10 but this guide shows how put a laptop into hibernation when you close the computer cover. A simple solution to pack up your things and go on the go, come home or end a working day.

There is no limit to hibernation. We can doto extinguish the PC only with this method, for days and weeks. Of course, if Windows starts to get tired, if the RAM is overloaded or slowness is felt, a real shutdown or restart of Windows can give it a new lease of life. But there’s no reason to have to shut down a laptop every day, or even multiple times a day.

Finally, the energy consumption is zero. You can unplug the power cable during hibernation, the battery will not lose 1% of autonomy.

Hibernation when closing the lid of a laptop

1. Use the Windows search bar, at the bottom left near the Start menu, type “ hood » :

windows 10 tutorial look hood

2. Choose ” Modify the action that follows the closing of the hood » :

windows 10 tutorial hibernate options hood

You can also access this setting by opening the Start menu, Settings (cogwheel icon). Choose System, Power & Sleep menu, click “Additional power settings” in the right or bottom part of the screen. Finally, click on “Choose the action of the power button” in the left menu. It is therefore much longer by this means rather than with a simple keyword search.

3. Authorize the modification of the options by clicking on ” Change settings that are currently unavailable » :

Windows 10 tutorial access hibernate options

4. In the “Power and sleep button and cover settings” section, modify the values ​​of the ” When I close the hood ” with ” Hibernate ” for ” On the battery ” and ” On sector » :

windows 10 hibernate hood tutorial

We can also modify the other actions, for “When I press the On / Off button” or “When I press the Sleep button” as shown in the screenshot above.

5. Save Changes which do not require restarting the computer to be immediately applied.

The next time the laptop’s lid is closed, Windows will go into hibernation on its own and it will thus be possible to transport it without risk to the machine’s internal components. The hibernation state causes no damage to the hard disk, the computer’s most critical device since it contains all your files.