Clone hard drive to Samsung SSD

To give your fixed computer a facelift, to make a laptop (even new) more efficient, you have decided to invest a few tens of euros in an SSD drive. Good news ! The performance of the machine will soar for less than 100 €. The running speed of an SSD has nothing to do with the best of traditional hard drives, even WD Raptors that spun at 10,000 rpm. And when we know that as standard, the majority of computers (even at Apple) are sold with a hard drive that only spins at 5400 rpm, we can imagine the value of a small SSD. And there is no need to throw away the original classic SATA HDD, this large capacity disk will be easily converted to data or backup disk after converting operation.

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Ideally, the new SSD has a larger capacity than the drive currently in use. If the size is the same, there will be no problems but it will require a different approach if you want, for example, to clone a 1TB HDD on a 250GB SSD. This is possible, but only if the used disk space on the old drive is less than the capacity of the new SSD.

This tutorial explains how clone hard drive to Samsung brand SSD thanks to the software provided free of charge by the manufacturer. A simple operation to perform, which just requires knowing how to replace a physical disk in the heart of the machine. Easier to carry out on a stationary PC than in a laptop, it will be necessary to ensure that you know how to carry out this maintenance operation before starting the duplication procedure.

If this Samsung software is free and compatible with the range of SSDs from the Korean manufacturer, it will not be possible to use this tool to duplicate to a new SSD from another brand. On the other hand, no problem to copy data from a third-party disk, whether manufactured by Samsung, Western Digital, Seagate, Hitachi, Toshiba, etc.

Samsung certified target SSDs are: SSD 470, 750, 830, 840, 850, 860, 950, 960, 970 series. Both EVO and PRO versions are compatible.

Samsung clone software can be installed on Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista and even XP. Each time, in 32 and 64 bits. The original partition to be copied must be in the format MBR or GPT.

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USB adapter – SSD for laptop

To replace the traditional hard drive of a laptop PC with an SSD, you will have to connect the new drive externally to the computer. This will go through a USB – SATA adapter which costs only a few euros on Amazon. Buy a USB-SSD adapter for 10 €. It is the only solution to connect two drives at the same time on a laptop which has only one internal hard drive slot.

Migrate hard drive to SSD in just a few clicks

1. Start the Windows computer and connect the new Samsung SSD, either by internal S-ATA or via a USB adapter.

2. Download the Samsung Data Migration software from the official site. Choose well ” Data Migration Software »In the list, program which weighs 36MB in version 3.1.

Samsung SSD Data Migration software tutorial

2. Install and open Samsung Data Migration software. Close all other open programs on the computer, among other things the internet browser which was used to download the application.

3. The introduction of the wizard confirms that we can migrate to this new SSD drive while keeping the Windows operating system, software and personal documents.

clone tutorial copy Samsung SSD hard drive

4. Confirm that the Source disk is the current C: and that the Target disk is the ” Samsung SSD … »(Which will also take the letter C). In this example, we are migrating a Samsung 120GB SSD to a Samsung 250GB SSD.

clone tutorial copy Samsung SSD hard drive

5. A warning will warn that the new SSD will be completely erased, whether it is blank or contains files. Confirm the start of cloning with ” Yes “:

Samsung HDD SSD Copy Clone Tutorial

6. The copy starts and will take the necessary time to clone all the contents of the source disk to the target SSD. The duration is estimated but do not use the computer during this time and especially do not put it to sleep, shut it down or unplug it.

Samsung HDD SSD Copy Clone Tutorial

7. At the end of the operation, a message indicates that the operation was successful. Close the Samsung software.

8. Turn off the computer.

9. Replace the original drive with the new SSD. Do not reconnect the old hard drive.

10. Start the computer, Windows is running. Check that it works correctly.

11. The old disc can be kept as is for a few days, in case there is an error during copying. Then, we can store it in a drawer, plug it in as a secondary drive in the stationary PC (be careful that the Bios does not start on it instead of the new SSD), make it an external USB hard drive for backups , etc.