Clearance stock iPhone, iPad, MacBook and more, up to 80% off sale at TME 2022 event, 12-15 May 2022.

More than a year apart, the latest Thailand Mobile Expo mobile event has come back to organize to please people who like mobile phones, tablets, notebooks and other IT products. Of course, there will be many promotions in the event. Both reduce and get a whole lot. One of the interesting booths is Banana IT and Power Buy At this time, let’s arrange a promotion to clear the stock again. The products that are sold to clear the stock are products from Apple, including iPhone, iPad, MacBook, Apple Watch, both new and showcase. Discount up to 80% off.

For Apple products at the Banana IT booth and Power Buy, let’s reduce this time. Most of them are show products or demos. Good condition, ranging from iPhone 13 Series to iPhone XR, at a price that is satisfying starting at only 7,500 baht.

Banana IT


modelcapacityNormal price (Baht)Special price (Baht)
iPhone XR (Demo)64GB11,9007,500
iPhone SE 2020 (Demo)64GB14,90010,900
iPhone 13 Pro (Demo)128GB38,90032,500
iPhone 12 ProMax (Demo)128GB36,90028,900
iPhone 12 Pro (Demo)128GB33,90025,900
iPhone 12 mini (Demo)64GB21,90015,900
iPhone 11 (Demo)64GB19,50013,900


modelNormal price (Baht)Special price (Baht)
iPad mini 5 WiFi 64GB (Demo)19,5008,900
iPad Air 4 WiFi 64GB (Demo)21,90014,900


modelNormal price (Baht)Special price (Baht)
MacBook Pro 13 (i5 16GB/512GB)59,90040,900
MacBook Pro 16 (i7 16GB/512GB)75,90050,900

Apple Watch

modelSpecial price (Baht)note
Apple watch Series 6 GPS (Demo)5,520cable not included
Apple watch Series 6 GPS / Cellular (Demo)8,720cable not included
Apple Watch Band199

Power Buy


modelcapacityNormal price (Baht)Special price (Baht)
iPhone XR256GB25,90018,900
iPhone XR64GB21,90016,900
iPhone XR (Demo)64GB21,90014,500
iPhone 11 (Demo)64GB15,994
iPhone 11128GB24,10019,900
iPhone 11 Pro64GB22,994
iPhone 11 Pro256GB33,90025,994
iPhone 11 Pro Max64GB32,90024,994
iPhone 11 Pro Max256GB35,90028,994

for clearing stock And these special price display products do not have a guarantee like general products. Have to inquire with the shop again if there are any conditions. Then we must hurry. because all these products are sold out There is no more filling.