Clear the temporary cache of internet browsers

By dint of browsing the Internet, temporary files load the hard drive of computers in a considerable way. It is not uncommon today to be able to recover several GB after having emptied the cache of different web browsers: Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Google chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple safari and Opera.

tutorial clear web browser cache Chrome Firefox Edge IE Opera Safari

If each browser offers an option to erase its history, traces and temporary files, this is a manual action to be performed on the computer. With full paths, it becomes possible to create a script that will automatically delete the internet browser cache used in the business. A fast maintenance feature to avoid overloading the disks, an operation useful in the context of TSE / RDS / Citrix XenDesktop or XenApp sessions for example.

In pink the values ​​to be adapted according to your configuration are indicated (name of the user profile of the machine).

Clear Microsoft Edge browser cache

The internet browser supplied with Windows 10 is called Edge and succeeds Internet Explorer. You might think that Microsoft purposely hid Edge’s temporary files deep in the user profile.

C: Users WindowsEasy AppData Local Packages Microsoft.MicrosoftEdge_8wekyb3d8bbwe AC MicrosoftEdge Cache

Clear the Internet Explorer browser cache

Internet Explorer is no longer the default browser for Windows 10 (but he did not disappear for all that) but it remains the default software for all previous editions of Windows.

C: Users WindowsEasy AppData Local Microsoft Windows INetCache IE

Clear Google Chrome browser cache

More and more present on PC and preferred browser for Android smartphones and tablets, Google chrome has been gaining ground for several years and is establishing itself as the new favorite browser of Internet users.

C: Users WindowsEasy AppData Local Google Chrome User Data Default Cache

Clear Mozilla Firefox browser cache

Very present on computers until overtaken by Chrome, the browser Mozilla Firefox still resists on the PC, but is struggling to win over smartphone users.

C: Users WindowsEasy AppData Local Mozilla Firefox Profiles profile.default cache2 entries

Clear Opera browser cache

Apart from the behemoths Edge, Chrome and Firefox, the most serious alternative is that of Opera Software, a cross-platform browser (Windows, Mac, Linux, BSD, Solaris and even Nintendo Wii and DS) since 1994. To date, Opera holds around 3% of the market and struggles to convince on mobile.

C: Users WindowsEasy AppData Local Opera Software Opera Stable Cache

Clear Apple Safari browser cache

Abandoned for a few years on Windows, Apple safari continues its development on ios and macOS. There aren’t many Safari users left on Windows, but some are still resisting.

C: Users WindowsEasy AppData Local Apple Computer Safari