Clear browser in macOS, clear cookies and history

Do you want to clean your browser on your Mac or resolve certain issues with websites? Learn how to clear Mac cache files, browser history, and cookies in Safari, Chrome, and Firefox.

It’s very easy to clear history / cookies and cache in Safari on a Mac, but also in browsers from other manufacturers such as Chrome and Firefox. The button in the Safari menu bar is named “Clear History”, but it also clears cookies and cache.

Chrome and Firefox give you more control over which data you delete. Whether you just want to do some regular maintenance or have trouble browsing that you want to solve, the tips below can help you clean up your browser. To make it easy, I introduce an app that can automatically clear the browser for you by clearing cookies, cache and browser history immediately.

Clean up browser in macOS

Clear history in Safari

If you are going to clear history in Safari in macOS then you know the recently visited sites, this is the history but also the cookies and site data.

Open the Safari browser. Click Safari in the menu at the top and click Clear History in the menu. A dialog will appear to permanently delete the site data. The history of all devices to which the iCloud account is linked is cleared.

You can select the browser history you want to clear. You can clear the browser history of the past hour, today, today and yesterday or the entire history. Select the period to be erased and click on “Erase history”.

Clear history in Safari

Did you pair an iPhone and iPad with the same Apple ID? Then this iPhone and iPad will also clear the browser history in the Safari browser.

Clear cache files in Safari

The site data includes all the files that are stored locally on your Mac through your browser. This is also called local cache. You can also delete these cache files in Safari. This can be done in two ways, via the settings and via the Developers menu.

Open the Safari browser. Click Safari in the menu at the top and click Preferences in the menu. Then click on the Privacy tab and click on “Manage Website Data”.

Select the data you want to delete here. You can delete all cache data and cookies, or by website. You do this by clicking on the “delete all” button for all website data, or by searching for the specific website. Then click on the website and click on the “delete” button.

Clear cache data in Safari

The second way to clear caches in Safari is by activating the “Developers” menu. In the Developer menu, you can directly cache Safari files. This is how it works.

Click the Advanced tab. Then click on “Show developed menu in menu bar”.

Enable Developer menu in Safari

At the top of the menu, click Develop and then click “Empty Caches”. You can also press ⌥ + ⌘ + E on your keyboard to clear the cache files immediately.

Empty caches in Safari

Clear history and cache files in Google Chrome

To clear Google Chrome history in macOS, start by opening the Google Chrome browser. Click Google Chrome in the top left of the menu, then click Preferences. Click Privacy and Security on the left side of the Chrome settings. Then click Clear Browsing Data.

Here you can see the browsing history you can delete, the cookies and other site data and the cached images and files. You will also see two tabs, Basic and Advanced. In the Advanced tab, the amount of data is better specified and you have even more data that you can delete in Google Chrome.

Click the Clear Data button to clear browsing history, cookies and other site data. All site data will be erased on all devices where you are signed in to Google Chrome using a Google Account. Do you just want to delete the site data of this Chrome browser? Then sign in to Google Chrome first.

Clear history in Google Chrome for Mac

Clear history and cache files in Firefox

To clear Firefox history in macOS, start by opening the Firefox browser. Click Firefox in the top left of the menu, then click Preferences. Click Privacy and Security on the left in the Firefox settings. Then click Clear Data.

You can delete the “Cookies and site data” and “Buffered web content” directly here. These are the cache files in Firefox. Click the Delete button to confirm.

Clear Firefox website data

Simplify browser history and clear cookies in macOS

Instead of following all the browsers one by one and deleting the site data such as history and cookies, you can also use CleanMyMac.

CleanMyMac has a module that allows you to perform simple maintenance in macOS. With a single click, you can delete tracks directly in the browser. Improves privacy in macOS, but instantly clears all site data in all browsers.

Click on “Privacy” on the left. Immediately delete browser history along with all traces of online and offline activity. Then click the Scan button to get started.

Clear tracks in the browser with CleanMyMac

You will immediately see the data that you can delete per browser. If you have several browsers installed, you can specify what you want to delete by selecting this browser by component. You can clear the automatically filled values, clear the browser history with a single click, cookies and local storage. Then click on the delete button and all site data will be deleted immediately.

Clear browser history Cookies and other site data with cleanmymac

In addition to clearing browser data, CleanMyMac can do much more.

Download CleanMyMac or read more in the CleanMyMac review.

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I hope you have helped with this. Thanks for reading!