Clean your PC with CCleaner

The maintenance of a computer goes through the cleaning unnecessary files. Some Windows utilities are sufficient but the operation is tedious and long.

Leader in optimization software, CCleaner is a well-known piece of software that needs to be properly configured to avoid “deleting too much” of useful elements. CCleaner is a powerful software which, if incorrectly configured, could cause damage to your computer. This tutorial explains how to clean a PC safely and without the risk of crashing Windows.

Although there is a paid version, the Crap Cleaner tool is free and settings in a few clicks to quickly clean a desktop or laptop computer. This software is compatible with all versions of Windows.

Download and install CCleaner

1. Go to the publisher’s page:

2. The download should be done automatically, otherwise click on “Start download” or “Restart the download”.

3. Start the installation by changing the language to to select French » in the list (two lines below English).

tutorial install configure ccleaner cleaning pc

4. Click on “ Next » for the installation to switch to French.

5. Click on “ Following » .

6. Leave the first two lines and uncheck the following options, program updates and other functions will be useless.

tutorial install configure ccleaner cleaning pc

7. Do not accept the installation of Google Chrome and/or Google Toolbar: uncheck the line(s) in question. If you want to install Google Chrome browser, follow this tutorial.

8. Click on “ Install » the operation takes only a few seconds.

9. Finalize the installation by uncheckingView Release Notes » and clicking on « Close » .

tutorial install configure ccleaner cleaning pc

Configure CCleaner

The proposed configuration is effective but not binding. The objective is to eliminate all useless files from the computer but without losing interesting software functions.

1. Open the CCleaner program (it automatically opened after installation).

2. Check or uncheck boxes according to this configuration:

tutorial install configure ccleaner cleaning pc

  • Internet Explorer: it is efficient to delete temporary files but useless to eliminate history, autocomplete forms and saved passwords since these functions are very useful in everyday life.
  • Windows Explorer: It’s good to keep recently opened files and thumbnail cache to keep photo previews in your Pictures folder.
  • System: leave the default options
  • Advanced: do not touch

3. Click on tabApps » for a setting according to the installed software and do like this:

tutorial install configure ccleaner cleaning pc

  • Google Chrome and/or Mozilla Firefox: same settings as for Internet Explore, only the cache (temporary files) is deleted.
  • Windows Store: clears the pageview history of Windows 8 applications
  • Applications and suite: uncheck the software for which the history is interesting (Google Earth, Office, Adobe Reader, etc).

Computer cleaning

1. Once the settings have been made, click on the ” To clean at the very bottom right.

2. Confirm with ” okay you can tick the line “ Do not show this message again » .

Cleaning may take a few minutes, depending on computer performance and the amount of unnecessary information to be removed.

Once the green bar is 100% full, a cleaning summary is displayed.

tutorial install configure ccleaner cleaning pc

The most picky can redo a cleaning to make sure that everything has been deleted from the computer.