Chromecast no sound: the solutions in a row

Can’t get any sound out Chromecast? That could be due to several things. In this article you can read the solutions to common problems. It doesn’t necessarily have to be your Chromecast; the problem could also be caused by the source device. Does your Chromecast have no sound? After reading this article it is probably solved.

Can’t get sound from Chromecast? This does not always have to do with the Chromecast itself. Always check the sound of your TV, it may be on mute. If that doesn’t work, you can get started with the Chromecast by unplugging it from the HDMI port and unplugging it. If the Chromecast still has no sound, you can reset the Chromecast or adjust the TV settings further.

The Chromecast is a pretty handy and accessible device with which you can quickly stream content from a smartphone, tablet or PC. You don’t bother with apps that are not available on your PC nor do you have to think about menus and services that are inconvenient to use.

Instead, you plug a Chromecast – any model – into your TV or get a TV or media player with Chromecast buit-in, launch the content from your mobile device and control all content from that same device. But what if you do run into problems?

Chromecast no sound

One common problem is that you are not getting any sound from your Chromecast. If you run into this with a physical Chromecast, check whether the volume is on. Press the volume increase button. And check that the TV is not secretly on mute state.

Doesn’t this have a positive effect? Then turn the TV off and on. If that doesn’t work either, we move on to the next plan. Then remove the physical Chromecast from the HDMI port of your TV and wait a few seconds. Then plug the device back in and wait for it to boot.

Then check if there is sound by loading a video. Is this still not working? Then you see if you can still get sound from your TV in another way. Of course this works for everyone with a separate Chromecast and with built-in Chromecast (the functionality that is then in the TV).

Open an app on your TV or turn on a linked game console or media player and check whether sound is now coming from your television. If not, there may be something wrong with your TV. (In addition, check whether a possibly connected receiver is not the culprit here.)

Chromecast Ultra
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Check the TV settings

Many televisions today are bursting with features. Just checking the volume is probably not enough. Therefore, check the audio settings on your TV, via the menu, and check whether a certain setting prevents audio from being sent to the internal or external speakers.

These settings differ per TV model, so unfortunately we can’t write a too specific manual for that. But when you get to the audio settings, pay attention to things like “speakers,” “external speakers,” “connected devices,” and similar terms.

A last resort is to reset the TV to factory settings. Only do this when you are one hundred percent convinced that there is nothing wrong with the Chromecast. Do not just do this, because you will lose all settings and data. Read the rest of the article first.

no sound from chromecast tv settings
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Check out the Chromecast

Have you gone through all kinds of things about your TV, but you still can’t get sound from Chromecast? Then we now give some tips that you can perform to see if the problem is not secretly with the Chromecast. In the overview below are easy actions to perform.

  1. Make sure the Chromecast is properly connected; Are the USB and HDMI cables properly connected and is the USB cable getting enough power?
  2. Plug the Chromecast’s USB cable into a USB adapter so you can use it in a power outlet.
  3. The Chromecast Ultra uses its own plug; make sure the plug is in a functioning outlet.

Another good tool is restarting the Chromecast. You do this via the Google Home application, with which you also installed the device. Restarting can fix both audio and video issues and can be done without losing any data.

  1. Open the Google Home app.
  2. Select the Chromecast.
  3. Press the gear for the settings.
  4. Press the three dots
  5. Select the Restart option.

Finally, there are some short tips that can help.

  1. Make sure the volume of the source device (the place you’re streaming the content from) is turned up or at least turned on. You can control the volume with the volume keys on a smartphone or tablet or via the sound settings of your PC.
  2. It may help to restart a stream after restarting the app (like Netflix).
  3. You may need to force the app in question to close. You do this within the app settings by holding down the app icon for a while. In the menu that now appears, choose settings and press exit in the next menu.
  4. Finally, factory resetting the Chromecast can help; only do this after you’ve tried all the other solutions.

As a Chromecast owner, you may run into other issues. For example, there are general problems with corresponding solutions or it can happen that you cannot communicate with your Chromecast. A quick reset can sometimes help.

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