Chromebook won’t turn on: 9 solutions in a row

Nothing is more annoying than non-working devices, especially if you just need them for school, work or play. Imagine Chromebook does not turn on, luckily there are some simple solutions that can fix this problem. This way, your Chromebook will turn on again in no time.

Chromebook won’t turn on

Are you looking for a solution for Chromebook won’t turn on? Then you can first look at the battery, is it still charged? If the Chromebook does not turn on, always try to start up with the power adapter plugged in. There are also other options for powerwashing the Chromebook, but more about that later in the article.

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There are therefore several reasons why your Chromebook will not turn on. We start with the simplest and most common solutions and go one step further until you find a solution.

Roughly speaking, there are four parts that ensure that the Chromebook cannot be turned on:

  • The charger / battery
  • The internal hardware
  • External hardware
  • Chrome OS
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1. Check your charger

This one might be obvious, but it’s often the problem with Chromebook won’t turn on. It is quite possible that your charger no longer works properly, as a result of which the battery is simply empty and there is no power supply. Logically, the Chromebook cannot then start up.

To check this properly, you should check the charger of the Chromebook. You can do this visually first, if you see a crack in the cable, for example, or other damage, then that is a point of attention.

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Since most Chromebooks charge with a USB-C charger, you can easily try it on another device. For example on your smartphone, tablet or other USB-C device. If it is charged, you have ruled out that it is the charger.

If the other device also does not charge, then the causes have been found why your Chromebook does not turn on.

💡 If your Chromebook has a USB-C charger, try charging another device with it. This way you know whether the charger is still working properly.

If you don’t have a USB-C charger with your Chromebook, you will have to work with a multimeter to check what the output is. Make sure you do this job carefully and if you don’t know exactly how to do it (or don’t have a multimeter) it’s best to ask for help.

If the charger works well and your Chromebook won’t turn on, it’s best to let it charge for a few hours. You don’t have to do anything, just leave it there for a few hours with the plug in the socket.

If the Chromebook battery is completely empty, it can take quite some time before the device will start up again.

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2. Do a ‘hard restart’

You normally start the Chromebook by pressing the power button, but there is another way to do a somewhat ‘harder’ restart.

If you choose this other option, all RAM memory will be cleared from the Chromebook, among other things, and this may already solve problems.

💡 You can do a hard restart by starting up a Chromebook with the key combination: Refresh power

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3. Remove all peripherals (USB, HDMI, etc.)

Okay, now that we’ve ruled out that it’s not the charger, let’s take a closer look at which peripherals are connected.

Peripherals include, for example, a Chromebook mouse, keyboard, monitor or printer (wired).

If you have one of these devices connected to your Chromebook, remove the plugs. Whether it’s USB, HDMI or any other connection.

In this way we can also immediately rule out that the problem is due to this.

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4. Log in as another user

If your Chromebook does start up, but you can’t log in, for example, it is an option to log in with another user.

This can be useful if there is a conflict syncing your Google account. By logging in with another user, you avoid this conflict and the Chromebook sometimes turns on as usual.

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5. Update Chrome OS

If you do have the option to log in, but everything is not working properly, it is a good idea to see if Chrome OS is fully up to date. There may just be a new update available.

This update may fix certain bugs that prevent your Chromebook from turning on.

💡 It’s always good to check that your Chromebook is up-to-date, so you have the latest software update and bug fixes. How to update a Chrome OS can be found in our Chromebook update guide.

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6. Powerwash (reset) your Chromebook

If you have the opportunity, the Powerwash is a possible resort. This way you completely reset the Chromebook to factory settings. This also means that all data will be deleted.

Now many of your Chromebook files and settings are stored in your Google account, but keep in mind that you can certainly lose data as well.

A reset is irreversible, so if you choose this step, it’s good to know.

If you want to reset the Chromebook to factory settings, keep in mind that you can lose files or other information. Learn more in our Chromebook reset guide.

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7. Chromebook won’t stay on

Suppose you press the power button, but your Chromebook does not stay on, there is a good chance that this is due to your battery (or charger). In the first step you have already tested whether your charger works (or not), so if that is ruled out and it works, there is a chance that it is the battery.

The Chromebook can start up for a short while, but it then shuts down quite quickly because there is simply no more power in the battery. This can be with the charger connected or not.

If your Chromebook turns on for a short while and then turns off again, there is a good chance that it is a problem with the battery. The best thing to do is – especially if you are still under warranty – to contact the store where you bought it. They are the first point of contact for the warranty.

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8. No solution: please contact the store where you bought it

If none of this works, then there’s more to it. Maybe the internal hardware is broken, or Chrome OS is corrupt. It is then important to contact the store where you bought the Chromebook.

In the Netherlands and Belgium, the initial handling of the warranty (or other defects) is done by the retailer. If you bought it online, send the webshop a message. If you have been to a physical store, check whether you have to visit or whether there is another procedure for warranty and repair.

💡 Also check whether you still have a warranty, often you get one or two warranty on a Chromebook, so who knows, it may still be made under warranty.

If you no longer have a warranty, you can also approach an external repairer to see what the options are for repairing your Chromebook.

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9. Buy a new Chromebook

If your Chromebook is already quite old and it did need to be replaced, now is the time to look for a new Chromebook.

Of course, this doesn’t directly solve the “Chromebook won’t turn on” problem, but there have been many developments in Chromebook in recent years. You’ll at least get a better Chromebook in return.

Wondering which one to buy, check out our Chromebook buying guide, which contains many helpful tips and my recommendation for the best chromebook

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