Chromebook and Zoom: these are the possibilities (and here’s how it works)

You can a Chromebook and Zoom can be used together. In this article, we’ll explain how to effectively use the online meeting and gathering tool. Setting up the setup is done within minutes, so you can get started quickly.

It’s no secret that the Zoom video conferencing tool is extremely popular. Due to the pandemic and the fact that many people work and study from home, the use of the app has increased rapidly. Many people use Zoom on a PC, but you can also use it on a Chromebook.

Zoom on Chromebook, does it work together? Fortunately, the answer is a resounding yes, but there are a number of things you should pay attention to. It may be different than you are used to using Zoom on a Chromebook. You do not download an independent app, but you control everything from the browser. In this article we explain exactly how that works.

Chromebook and Zoom: the basics

We’ll start with the basics: the Zoom account. In fact, you don’t need an account to use Chromebook and Zoom. This makes the service accessible to a large number of people. But if you use Zoom more often, having your own account might be useful.

It will come as no surprise to anyone that you create a free account via the Zoom website. Those pages there guide you step-by-step through the process of creating such an account. You can log in with your own account, or with an account from Google or Facebook. Just what you find more convenient.

Chromebook and Zoom
Image: Zoom

Whether you have created an account or not, you need to install Zoom on your Chromebook. Chromebook and Zoom work together in a slightly different way than you might think. You do not download and install a standalone app, but an extension for the Google Chrome browser.

Google has prepared a so-called web store for the Google Chrome browser. In that store you will find various extensions for the browser, including that of Zoom.

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We’ll lend you a helping hand: this link will take you directly to the store’s Zoom page. Press the blue Add button on the right. to Chrome. The web app will then be added to your browser.

However, this will change in the future. Google will later stop focusing on such extensions for Chrome and switch to progressive web apps (pwa). However, this is not yet relevant now – September 2021 – so you can download and use the extensions.

Chromebook and Zoom: Entering a meeting

With the extension in the Google Chrome browser on your Chromebook, you can directly enter a meeting of someone you invite. Again: you do not need an account for this. You are therefore not obliged to log in somewhere when someone invites you to such a meeting.

Chromebook and Zoom
Image: Zoom

You should see the Zoom Chrome app at the bottom of your taskbar. Tap the icon and then tap the button to join a meeting. Then enter the Meeting ID you received from someone. Now you can enter your name and press the button to join.

Before you step into a meeting, you have two other options to think about. You can participate in such a meeting with your camera and microphone on or off. You can also just have your camera on and your mic off or your mic on and your camera off, for example. Just what you want.

Chromebook and Zoom: start a meeting yourself

Do you want to start a meeting yourself? Then you do need an account. You can read a bit about how to create an account in this article. After creating an account, open the Zoom app on your Chromebook and then log in with the personal information you just created.

The screen shows a tab with which you start a meeting. You can start a meeting with audio and video or audio only (never video only). In addition, you also have your own Zoom Meeting ID that you can hand out to people you want to invite; you just need to share that code.

You can also invite people by adding them as contacts within the application. Then when you start a meeting, all you have to do is select them from the list of saved contacts. Nobody then has to bother with Meeting IDs.

Chromebook and Zoom
Image: Zoom

Chromebook and Zoom: scheduling meetings

Finally, you can schedule Zoom meetings on your Chromebook. You can arrange this via the dashboard on the Zoom website. Log in with your personal account and go to Schedule a Meeting. Now fill in all the necessary information, such as date, time and subject and create a unique ID. You can also set a password here, so that you do not receive uninvited guests.

There is another extension you can use for this, which is Zoom Scheduler. With the extension you get access to exactly the same functions as via the dashboard on the website. You still have to log in to the service, but after that you can use it as usual.

Moreover, that extension is integrated with your Google Calendar. An appointment in your agenda can then be transformed into a Zoom meeting by pressing the appropriate button.

The appointment will then receive its own Meeting ID, which can then be shared as you wish. So the extension is useful for anyone who regularly uses Chromebook and Zoom.

You can also use other applications on your Chromebook, such as WhatsApp. Do multiple users use one Chromebook? Then of course you have to set it up properly. Do you regularly work on your Chromebook? Then connecting a second screen is not a superfluous luxury.

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