Change the URL of a Facebook page

If you already have created your Facebook page for a company, an association, a music group or for personal use, you will have noticed that the web address is not very easy to remember. It might look something like, which is either impossible to use for a marketing department or just doesn’t own.

This tutorial explains how change the web address of a Facebook page already created. The web address means the name of the internet page to connect to the Facebook page, also called URL (Uniform Resource Locator) or URI (Uniform Resource Identifier, for Uniform Resource Identifier). For example, to have a specific URL type instead of the random numbers defined by the social network when creating the Facebook page.

This modification is done in a few clicks from the Facebook user account which is the administrator of the FB page in question. Only the administrator (or one of the administrators) of the page can modify the name or internet address of the Facebook group.

Change the site URL of a Facebook page

1. Log in to Facebook with the user account which is the administrator of the page, generally the creator of the page.

2. Go to the Facebook page for which the URI must be changed.

3. Under the page logo (profile picture), click on ” Create a Page @ username “:

tutorial change name Facebook page

4. Enter a username which is not already in use on the social network. Facebook also reserves the right to refuse certain words (brands, insults). After that, validate by clicking on ” Create Username “:

tutorial change name Facebook page

5. The username is now configured. The FB page can be accessed by a web address of the type

tutorial change name Facebook page

6. You can now distribute the new short URL to your contacts or use it on your communication media.